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Please Verify if Your Student Is COVID Vaccinate or Boosted

As part of our effort to keep more students in school safely, Public Health encourages schools and families to verify student’s COVID vaccination status.  For those who are vaccinated or boosted, we’ve created a simple form to upload a copy of your student’s vaccine documentation.  While COVID vaccines are NOT required to attend school at this time, ensuring our schools have up-to-date information helps our nurses respond effectively when contact tracing and determining the duration of a quarantine (when someone tests positive).


If your student has been vaccinated or boosted,

please complete this simple form:  


If you already submitted vaccine data to your school or through the RSVP process last fall, there is no need to submit it again. However, if your student recently received a booster (or you just do not remember whether you have entered data or not), please resubmit this form. We’ll take care of uploading new information you provide into your student’s immunization records in Skyward/Family Access.


For future vaccinations or boosters, this form will reside on our COVID-19 Resources & Updates webpage – choose the Verify Student Vaccinations/Boosters resource.


Posted Feb. 8, 2022