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Contractor Selected for Mount Si High School Construction

The Snoqualmie Valley School Board voted unanimously, at the March 9 board meeting, to accept the lowest-bid contract, which was submitted by Spee West Construction Company, for the construction of Mount Si High School. Spee West Construction Co., which is based in Edmonds, Washington, has substantial experience in school construction, serving as the general contractor for the construction of projects such as Federal Way High School, Oak Harbor High School and Tillicum Middle School.
Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations Ryan Stokes explained, “Three well-respected and capable general contractors submitted bids. We were happy with the number of general contractors and sub-contractors involved in the process, which reflects strong competition for the work and helps to ensure that the District obtained a very competitive price for the construction. We want to thank all who devoted their time and resources to this extensive process and desired to be involved in such an incredible project.”
This morning, the Seattle Times reported on the “construction frenzy” that is occurring, “with 68 major projects from Sodo to South Lake Union.” It appears that the high demand for construction work in the area also impacted the school district bid, with all bids coming in higher than originally estimated during the 2015 bond campaign. Fortunately, the school district had set aside Washington State construction matching funds in order to protect the project from unforeseen cost increases. By using approximately $5.9 million of the available $7.7 million of state matching funds that have been awarded to the district, the School Board was able to absorb the impact of the unanticipated cost escalations in the current construction environment and avoid reducing certain components of the project. Construction of the building will begin next month, with the majority of the facility scheduled for completion in September, 2019. Replacement all-weather baseball and softball fields and the new Performing Arts Center will be constructed in 2020 and 2021.
Ongoing work to clear and grade the worksite is nearly complete. Another important component of the site preparation is the installation of stone columns to stabilize the soils for potential future seismic activity and to increase the load-bearing capacity of those soils for the new construction. That work is ahead of schedule.
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