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AVID Program Gets Positive Reviews from Students

Last year, the Snoqualmie Valley School District committed to adding an internationally-recognized, college-readiness program called Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) for eligible middle school and high school-age students. Teachers received extensive AVID training and eligible students were encouraged to apply for the opportunity. This school year, the District has been piloting the AVID program with students in grades 7th through 10th that comprise five classes -- two at Twin Falls Middle School and three at Mount Si High School.

After the first semester of AVID implementation, students were invited to share their impressions of AVID. In the following video, students share what they have learned in the program and whether it is helping them define and pursue their future goals for college and careers after graduation. To watch the video, click here or select the photo below.

AVID Students at College Fair

This video was shared at a March 1 AVID Informational Meeting to which prospective families were invited to learn more about the program. AVID students were available throughout the evening to answer questions from families and also participated in a panel presentation where they shared their experiences.
AVID Student Panel 1
 AVID Students 2  AVID Students 3
Students enrolled in the AVID program answered questions on stage about their experience and gave advice
at the AVID Parent Information Night on March 1. When asked to share what AVID meant to them in ONE word,
responses included: “Life changing, Helpful, Fun, Beneficial, Determined, Commitment, A lot of work, and Amazing!” 
See more photos from the AVID Family Night below.

What is AVID? AVID is a program designed to prepare students for success in four-year colleges and universities. The program is intended to benefit students who perform academically in the middle range, and who have the potential and motivation to work hard to qualify to attend college. AVID provides additional support and guidance during middle school and high school years to help students advance academically and ultimately attend four-year colleges and universities after high school graduation.

The core component of AVID is an elective class, which supports students as they challenge themselves in more rigorous classes. When possible, students in the AVID program remain with the same teacher and AVID classmates, as they advance to subsequent grade levels during their high school career. This consistency fosters supportive relationships and can help boost students’ confidence.

In addition to the social emotional benefits, other objectives of the AVID program include:
  • Developing students’ academic skills so they may enroll and succeed in the most rigorous college preparatory, honors and AP classes;
  • Improving students’ college level entry skills, such as note-taking, organizational skills, study skills, critical thinking, and reading/writing skills;
  • Ensuring students meet admission requirements of four-year colleges and universities;
  • Preparing students for SAT and ACT college entrance exams;
  • Increasing students’ college/career awareness through filed trips and guest speakers;
  • Assisting students in the college application processes;
  • Expanding students’ knowledge of college scholarships and financial aid opportunities;
  • Providing students with guidance and encouragement from college mentors.
Eligibility: Parents/guardians of students who are eligible for AVID, based on grade point averages (2.0-3.2) and test scores, were sent personal invitations to attend the March 1 AVID Information Night with their students - to learn more about the opportunity prior to class registration for next year. In some cases, AVID candidates may be the first in their family to pursue attending college. If interested, the students must apply for the AVID program which includes an application and interview. There are a limited number of places for each class, and a level of commitment is expected from AVID students and families.

Looking ahead... The District is continuing to grow the AVID program to benefit more students. Next year, for example, AVID will be offered to Chief Kanim Middle School families in grades 7 and 8. And, as this year’s 10th grade AVID class advances to the next grade level, the AVID program will expand to include 11th graders next year.

Establishing the AVID Program for Snoqualmie Valley students has been part of the District’s On-Time Graduation Task Force recommendations, as a way to better support mid-level students who would benefit from more support, skills training and encouragement to pursue college. Staff are committed to this dynamic program that has helped thousands of students across the nation realize their goals of attending college. Within the first few months, the District AVID Team has been excited to see positive proof that the AVID program is helping local students engage more in school and realize that their dreams of attending and succeeding in college are indeed attainable.

For information about AVID, visit:

For questions about the Snoqualmie Valley School District AVID program, please contact school counselors: Rachel Raff at MSHS (, Dawn Dugan at TFMS (, or Amy Bliven-Lee at CKMS (; or Ruth Moen, executive director of secondary education (

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