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Chief Kanim Track Team Breaks Several School Records


The track teams at Chief Kanim Middle School won three of the four divisions at finals this year. Coaches Tony Schlotfeldt and Theresa Frank explained that several teams were undefeated, and many athletes broke long-standing school records.


2018 CKMS Track Team members who broke school records   

Congratulations to the many CKMS athletes who broke school records this year. 

Pictured left to right, the students include (back row): Octavio Gomez, Kai Andreic, Philip Dierks, Kameron

Bell, Liam Christensen, Robin Hakala, Bailey Hall, Abby Alexander, Peyton Mackenzie and CarolAnn Reid;

(middle row): Livia Olson, Chloe Hammer, Charlie Jordan, Caleb Bush, Clara Schlotfeldt, Chelsea Harrison,

Max Haber, Riley Reynolds and Abigail Van Vleet; (seated in front): Grayci Wagner, Frank Kissick,

Marshall Lobet, Logan Somers, Jackson Hull and Ravenna Vaden.


“We are extremely proud of all athletes who participated this season,” added Coach Frank.