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The District Welcomes 100 New Staff Members


Please join us in extending a warm welcome to approximately 100 outstanding new staff members joining the Snoqualmie Valley School District this school year. The following photos were taken at New Teacher Orientation sessions on July 11 and August 20.  Additional new hires, who are not pictured, are listed below alphabetically.   


July 11 2018 Orientation


Teachers newly hired to Snoqualmie Valley schools, who attended the July 11 Orientation,

include (front row, seated, left to right):  Natascha Farrell (CKMS Sp. Ed Teacher),

Amy Allan (NBES 5th Gr. Teacher), Katie Bergerson (FCES 3rd Gr. Teacher), Danielle

Ploegman (FCES 3rd Gr. Teacher), Jenna Carleton (OES 4th Gr. Teacher), Amy Benolkin

(CKMS Counselor), Jaime Evans (MSHS LA Teacher), and Christine Thomas (CVES 4th Gr. Teacher).


Back row:  Megan Jenson (OES 3rd Gr. Teacher), Mary LaGrandeur (TRES 1st Gr. Teacher),

Becca Parker (Speech Language Pathologist), Anjuli Johnston (SES Coding Teacher), Janelle

Coughran (TRES Coding Teacher), Dennis Crane (MSHS Photo/Digital Design Teacher), Geoff

Gegwich (CKMS Science Teacher), John De Benedetti (Student Services Program Specialist),

Jameson Moore (Student Services Program Specialist), Bill Etnyre (CKMS PE/Health Teacher)

and Megan Burch (SES 2nd Gr. Gifted Program Teacher).    


August 20 2018 Orientation  


These new Snoqualmie Valley educators attended the August 20 Orientation session (front row,

pictured left to right):  Jenna Carlton (OES 4th Gr. Teacher), Jessica Webber (NBES K Teacher),

Teresa Capen (NBES K Teacher), Megan Mitchell (NBES 2nd Gr. Teacher), Josh Shepherd

(TFMS LA/SS 6th Gr. Teacher), Sean Egan (CKMS 6th Gr. Sp. Ed. Teacher), Krista Kobe (NBES

Speech Language Pathologist), Amanda Shioyama (OES 4th Gr. Teacher), Stephanie Symith

(OES 4th Gr. Teacher), Amy Stumph (FCES 5th Gr. Teacher), Maggie Watson (OES K Teacher),

Hannah Mowry (MSHS Music Teacher), Liza VanCamp (TRES 3rd Gr. Teacher), Lori Ebbers

(CKMS 7th Gr. LA/SS Teacher), Taylor Lee (SES K Teacher), *Emily McCann (SES 3rd Gr. Teacher),

*Kacie Van Slyke (SES 5th Gr. Teacher), Kim Corcoran Warness (TFMS Resource Teacher)

and Hope Jackson (CKMS 6th Gr. Science Teacher).


Second row:  *Kelsey Carr (NBES 1st Gr. Teacher), Megan Jenson (OES 3rd Gr. Teacher),

Joel Raff (CKMS 7th Gr. Math Teacher), Kassi Spittle Thomas (TFMS 6th Gr. LA/SS Teacher),

Regan Boysen (TFMS Art Teacher), Ranette Iding (SES School Psychologist), Brenda

Yoshino (CVES/TRES Occupational Therapist), Nicholas Foley (TFMS 7/8 Math Teacher),

*Haley Chase (FCES 2nd Gr. Teacher), Leah Taylor (TRES 5th Gr. Teacher), Lindsey

Allen (FCES 2nd Gr. Teacher), Rachel Patty (SES K-5 Literacy Intervention Teacher),

Laura Foster (TFMS 8th LA/SS Teacher), Katie Couture (TRES Counselor), *Keely Wayne

(OES Sp. Ed Teacher) and Erin McArn (TFMS School Psychologist).


Back row, left-to-right:  Evelyn Ferrante (NBES 5th Gr. Teacher), Shea DeAngelis

(NBES 1st Gr. Teacher), Nick Johnson (CKMS PE/Health Teacher), Adrienne Richards

(CVES/FCES School Nurse), Jennifer Dalgleish (CKMS School Nurse), *Levi Botten

(TFMS PE/Health Teacher), Joseph Lynch (NBES Specialty Teacher), Lindsay Pittman

(Proudfoot) (TRES K Teacher), Tom Cady (NBES Music Teacher), Sean Kennedy

(TRES 4th Gr. Teacher), Howie Harper (CVES 3rd Gr. Teacher), Ciera Nielsen (TRES

4th Gr. Teacher), Jill Waskom (MSHS ASB/PE/Health Teacher), Eric Mitchell (TFMS 8th

LA/SS Teacher), Erik Spohn (MSHS Science Teacher), Gracie Thompson (MSHS Family

and Consumer Sciences Teacher), Emily Hays (OES K-5 Literacy Intervention Teacher),

Brian Shimer (TFMS 8th LA Teacher), Julia Brown (CKMS 8th Gr. LA/Reading Interventionist),

Amy Graham (MSHS Agricultural Education Teacher), Oren Maletta (MSHS CTE/SS Teacher)

and Arden Zuber (CKMS 7th Gr. SS Teacher).


*Denotes Snoqualmie Valley School District alumni


Please also extend a warm welcome to the following staff, not pictured above:

  • Lindsay Bolender, TFMS Success Coordinator
  • Jalen Butler, Student Tech Intern
  • Laura Cabe, NBES Paraeducator II
  • Shannon Caires, TRES 2nd Gr. Teacher
  • Ginger Callison, Associate Director of Secondary Education
  • Tonya Castor, TFMS Cook’s Helper
  • Andrew Creech, Student Tech Intern
  • Thung Doan, MSHS Cook’s Helper
  • Gregory Dutton, Transportation Technician
  • Catherine Elstad, TRES Paraeducator II
  • Rosalie Estrada, NBES Paraeducator
  • Brian Ferguson, MSHS Assistant Principal & CTE Director
  • Danielle Ferguson, MSHS Sp. Ed. Paraeducator II
  • Jennifer Gardner, Accounting Technician
  • Sarah George, MSHS Science Teacher
  • Jennifer Hayden, TFMS Sp. Ed. Paraeducator III
  • Tracey Kellams, FCES Cook’s Helper
  • Ashley Knutson, Psychologist Intern
  • Robert Manahan, Ed.D, Superintendent
  • Michael McCahon, MSHS PE/Health Teacher
  • Elizabeth McElney, NBES Paraeducator I/II
  • Harry Moore, Sp. Ed. Program Specialist
  • Jamie Muller, FCES 3rd Gr. Teacher
  • Aren Orr, District Mechanic
  • Nolan Rosenlund, MSHS Life Skills Paraeducator III
  • Cindy Rovegno, MSHS Life Skills Paraeducator III
  • Adam Schalberg, MSHS Cook’s Helper
  • Alane Simmons, SES ELL Paraeducator
  • Lucille Skylstad, Student Tech Intern
  • Heidi Smith, OES 4th Gr. Teacher
  • Tina Stevens-Mix, TFMS STEM Teacher
  • Chloe Traynor, MSHS ELA Teacher
  • Jessica Tripp, CVES Tech Lab Paraeducator II
  • Savanna Warner, MSHS Science Teacher
  • Kari Weed, P-5 Instructional Coach
  • Abby (Tenhoff) Zoubkov, CKMS Math Teacher