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Middle School Behavioral Health Screening to Begin this Spring


Earlier this year, Snoqualmie Valley School District announced it had received a grant from King County to implement a school-based, middle school behavioral health program called SBIRT. The acronym SBIRT stands for:  Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Services.


The goal of the SBIRT initiative is to promote positive mental health and reduce adolescent substance abuse, by helping identify students who may need extra support and connecting them with the resources they may need to thrive.  


SVSD joins 11 other school districts (including Bellevue, Lake Washington, and Tahoma) in partnering with King County to provide this support to its middle school students. The process involves an online screening tool, developed by the University of Washington with Tickit Health and Seattle Children’s Hospital. Students will be asked to take a confidential “Check Yourself” survey that has teen-friendly questions related to four areas:  strengths and goals, substance use, mental health, and personal safety. The data will be reviewed confidentially by school counselors, to identify if any students may benefit from extra intervention support at school or referral to additional services outside of school.


In April, the SBIRT program will be piloted in 7th grade classes at both Chief Kanim and Twin Falls middle schools. Each school plans to start with two general 7th grade classes to start; they hope to add other 7th grade classes as time allows. The goal is to extend this service to all middle school grade levels next year, at all three SVSD schools -- CKMS, TFMS and SMS (which opens in the fall).


The first pilot screening will be administered on April 16 at TFMS and April 23 at CKMS. Students and families will be notified in advance if their class is selected for the screener. Students and parents/guardians may also opt out of taking the screener.  


To learn more about this new program, parents/guardians are invited to two upcoming SBIRT Informational Meetings. (The same content will be covered at both meetings.)  Please join us:

  • Monday, March 25, 6-7 p.m., at Chief Kanim Middle School
  • Wednesday, March 27, 6-7 p.m., at Twin Falls Middle School


In the meantime, additional Middle School Behavioral Health Screening and Support - SBIRT information is available on the district website, found under the Families tab. Resources include frequently asked questions, screener questions, articles and other resources. 


If you have additional questions, please contact Chief Kanim Middle School Assistant Principal Mark Allen ( or 425-831-8230), or Twin Falls Middle School Principal Jeff D’Ambrosio ( or 425-831-4146).