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First Class of AVID Students to Graduate!


What is AVID you may ask? AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It’s a national college readiness program designed to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in college. It emphasizes writing, critical thinking, teamwork and collaboration, organization, and reading skills. AVID students possess a desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard, but may not have had the opportunity to be college ready. AVID gives students that opportunity.


In 2017, the Snoqualmie Valley School District started offering the AVID program to students after a year of in-depth teacher training. The program was rolled out in phases starting with three classes at Mount Si High School and one at Twin Falls Middle School. AVID is a class taken both semesters every year until graduation. Students typically remain with the same group with the same teacher throughout high school, forming supportive connections.


Class of 2019 seniors include Mount Si’s first AVID graduates who began in that sophomore class. On May 28, a special celebration was held for the nine individuals who continued in the program.  In this heartfelt celebration with families and younger AVID students, they thanked school staff and special mentors who supported them along the way and shared their excited plans and career goals after high school.  


9 MSHS seniors comprise the first AVID graduating class.  

Congratulations to Mount Si High School's first AVID graduates, posing here with their teacher Marcella Murphy. 


Click here to watch a special video. This was shared during the AVID Senior Celebration of the first class to graduate through the AVID program.   


Earlier this month on Senior Awards Night, two students were selected to receive the first-ever AVID Departmental Awards. AVID Teacher Marcella Murphy explained this honor went to two committed students who chose very different paths to graduation, to showcase what AVID and individual determination can mean to different students. Elena Lopez will be attending the University of South Alabama in the fall where she intends to study nursing with the goal of becoming a labor and delivery nurse. And, Joe Harris will be attending Northwest Lineman College in Meridian, Idaho, in the fall, where he will learn the skills needed to become an electrical lineworker. (Watch for an upcoming article in the Snoqualmie Valley Record newspaper, to learn more about their stories.)


Joe Harris and Elena Lopez, 2019 AVID Department Award winners

Joe Harris and Elena Lopez, 2019 AVID Dept. Award winners


Each year, the district has expanded AVID to benefit more students. What started with four classes of students in 2017, has grown to 10 classes serving grades 7 through 12. There are currently six classes at MSHS (two 9th, two 10th, one 11th, and one 12th), as well as two classes each at Twin Falls and Chief Kanim middle schools (in 7th and 8th grades). Next year, two more AVID classes (7th and 8th) will be added at Snoqualmie Middle School.


Additionally, secondary teachers throughout the district are being trained on AVID concepts. Effective AVID strategies – involving notetaking, study skills, time management, and organization – are now being implemented with positive results in a variety of class subjects, to benefit all students.  


Find more information about the AVID Program on the district website.  


AVID seniors and their families on AVID Senior Night

AVID seniors and their parents/guardian on AVID Senior Night.