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October 14 is a Professional Development Day; No Classes for Students


On Monday, October 14, there are no classes for Snoqualmie Valley students. This day has been designated a Professional Development Day for teachers, administrators, and other certificated staff members to focus on collaboration and strengthening instructional practices, with the goal to help engage and empower students.


Staff will spend this day at MSHS in training on how to use the “Professional Learning Communities at Work” (PLC) process to improve teaching and learning. The purpose of the PLC process is to provide a consistent structure and focus for teachers across the district to use when they collaborate in their teams on Friday afternoons. This process is designed to help teachers come to consensus about what is most important for students to learn, which assessments they will use to track student progress, and how to use the results from student work and assessments to plan lessons that allow all students to receive the right level of support and challenge in class.


Teachers and other certificated staff members will use the PLC process to structure their conversations on many of our early release Fridays. The PLC process also allows teachers to access the expertise of their colleagues and consider best practices when planning lessons and responding to student data.


“Most importantly, the PLC process is really beneficial for our students!  School teams who use the PLC process to guide their work typically experience improved student achievement.  And over time, the differences in what students learn, that can often exist between teachers of the same grade level or subject, tend to decrease or disappear.  We are excited to embrace this process that has been proven to help school systems streamline the effectiveness of staff planning and collaboration time,” explained Dr. Rob Manahan, Snoqualmie Valley School District Superintendent.


The agenda on October 14 is packed full of learning activities for our staff, which will include a combination of facilitated conversations, videos, and time to plan in small groups. We are looking forward to a full day of adult learning and then engaging in the process once the training is complete.


October 14 is one of three days built into the 2019-20 school calendar for SVSD educators to be able to work together and learn strategies for engaging and empowering all learners. The other non-student professional development dates, if you want to mark your calendar, are January 27 and March 9, 2020.