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Parents/Guardians: Be Sure to Sign Up for Bus Bulletin Notifications


Does your student rides a bus to or from school?  If so, PLEASE sign up for Bus Bulletin Notifications today.  Our Transportation Department uses Bus Bulletin to let families know when there is information concerning their specific bus route. 


To receive notices about your student’s route, click here to sign up for Bus Bulletin.  Parents/guardians can sign up for email, text and/or phone notifications.


IMPORTANT:  If you signed up last year and have an account, you still need to go into the system and enter your CURRENT route, each new school year.


This week alone, the district has used Bus Bulletin to communicate two situation impacting bus routes. Flooding earlier this week caused road closures that necessitated some route adjustments.  And this morning, due to a shortage of bus drivers and substitute drivers, some routes were delayed as our available drivers had to drive double routes to cover all the needs.  In both instances, communication is sent to families via Bus Bulletin when their specific routes is impacted.


This Friday afternoon, for example, notifications will be sent to inform families of the following:

  • Route 28 SMS students -- will be picked up 20 minutes late from middle school and delivered 20 minutes late to their bus stop locations.
  • Route 28 MSHS students -- will be picked up on time from the high school but will be directed to board Route 22 for transportation home to their regular bus stop locations. They may arrive 10 minutes late.
  • Route 17 and Route 18 for elementary students -- will be combined today. Students will be picked up on time, but may be 15 minutes late, for the extra time and distance that will require.
  • Route 61 students at SES – will also have some changes that are being communicated to parents.

Thanks for your patience and understanding when we need work creatively to meet our students’ transportation needs.