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Hands-on Lessons Explore Climate Science & Carnivores


Science classes at the Snoqualmie Valley School District’s Parent Partnership Program (P3) are engaged in a multidisciplinary climate change study.  Through a partnership with the Climate Science Alliance in California and the North Bend Ranger Station, students are enjoying hands-on science experiences.


“Students in this lesson are analyzing the skulls of mammals to identify carnivore traits as they study the larger implications of climate change on carnivore ecosystem populations,” explained Teacher Samantha Randall.  P3 teachers applied for and were awarded a grant from the Climate Science Alliance last summer, which is supporting engaging science curriculum and learning experiences. See photos below.


The Snoqualmie Valley School District’s Parent Partnership Program (P3) offers families who choose to educate their children at home resources and a learning community to support their education.  From curriculum and materials, to weekly engaging classes taught by certificated teachers, P3 offers a partnership in home education for students in grades K-10.  For more information about P3, call 425-831-4232.


PPP students study skulls 1


PPP students study skulls 2


PPP students study skulls 3


PPP students study skulls 4


PPP students study skulls 5


PPP students study skulls 6


PPP students study skulls 7