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Improving Our Practice on Professional Development Days


The District provides three Professional Development (PD) days during the school year, as part of the Snoqualmie Valley Education Association contract. This time is used to support instructional training, collaboration among teams and cohort groups across the district, and teacher planning time for end-of-term grading.


In October, as reported earlier, experts were brought in to work with all teaching teams on establishing consistent practices for collaborating through Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).  Following this foundational work, PLC efforts continue during early release Fridays throughout the school year.


Professional Development activities on the most recent PD Day, January 27, 2020, offered focused training for elementary classroom teachers on new Eureka math curriculum adoption, time for secondary staff (teachers in grades 6-12) to complete first semester grading, and state-mandated training for paraeducators. Additionally, other cohort groups – such as literacy specialists, PE teachers, music teachers, counselors, librarians, school psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists (OTs), speech language pathologists (SLPs), resource room specialists, coding teachers, etc. – received training on topics specific to their roles.  For example, elementary counselors learned more about “Compassion and Trauma Fatigue;” PE teachers focused on “Locomotor and Non-Locomotor Skills” training; and STEM/coding teachers collectively delved into ISTE Standards (a national framework for the use of technology in teaching and learning).


Below are 16 photos of SVSD paraeducators during their “Introduction to Cultural Identity and Diversity” class, courtesy of Mount Si High School Assistant Principal Sana Tariq who helped teach the class.  Additionally, Superintendent Rob Manahan shared some snapshots from the teacher training sessions he attended on PD Day.


The next PD Day is scheduled for Monday, March 9.


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