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ALERT: Phishing Attempt Is Using a Fake Skyward Login Screen

Dear SVSD Families: 


Please be on the lookout for fake Skyward emails requesting you to click on a link and change your information.  We have learned that other districts that use a Skyward student database were recently hit with phishing campaigns targeting their school staff with emails coming from very legitimate looking sources in an effort to steal credentials and personal information. 


While we have not experienced this in our district, we are sharing this warning to all who may use Skyward products, such as Family Access.


In this case, the end-user is sent an email to change their Skyward password. If they click on the link within the email, a fake Skyward Login screen appears. This screen asks the user for their username, password, and Social Security Number (SSN). The fake Skyward Login screen looks almost identical to the real screen.


As a precaution, always enter Skyward (Family Access) through District-provided links, not through a URL link sent in an e-mail.  And, never provide personal information when you are not expecting the request.  WSIPC, the company that runs Skyward, will never ask an end-user for their SSN to log in to the Skyward environment. 


If you receive the fake Skyward email, please consider it spam and delete it. If you have fallen victim to this scheme and shared information through the fake login screen, please email our Technology Department immediately at so we can take swift action to help protect personal information.


Thank you.