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Best Wishes in SVSD Staff Retiring this 2019-20 School Year!


This year, 19 Snoqualmie Valley educators have announced their plans to retire. As they wrap up what may have been the strangest year of their careers in education, we wish them all good health and happiness in the adventures that await in retirement.


Please join us in celebrating the following staff (listed alphabetically) for sharing their hearts, minds and talents in support of our students! 

  • Jerry Bopp, MSHS Teacher
  • Annette Craig, MSHS Paraeducator
  • Joyce Delurme, CVES Teacher
  • Jody Fridenstine, SES Occupational Therapist
  • Jim Garhart, Director of Transportation (earlier this year)
  • Susan Head, CVES Librarian (earlier this year)
  • Gary Karaica, FCES Teacher
  • Kathleen Kennedy, Bus Driver (earlier this year)
  • Wynne Lee Kirschner, Student Data Support Manager
  • Vivian Ma, Human Resources Secretary (earlier this year)
  • Nancy Meeks, Executive Director of Student Services
  • Maria Nutter, Student Services Program Specialist
  • Terrance O’Brien, CKMS Teacher
  • Suzanne Oney, Student Services Program Specialist
  • Nancy Parsons, Food Services Secretary (earlier this year)
  • Kim Roeber, Superintendent’s Secretary (earlier this year)
  • Jim Ullman, TFMS Teacher
  • Laurie Weinkauf, TRS Teacher
  • Beverly Weller, MSHS Online Coordinator (earlier this year)

Thank you for your service to Snoqualmie Valley students, families, and schools. Congratulations!