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College Bound Scholarships for Eligible 7th and 8th Graders


The College Bound Scholarship program is an early commitment of state financial aid for attending college -- available to eligible students who sign up in middle school and fulfill the pledge.  The program encourages students from low income families, who might not consider college because of the cost, to continue their education beyond high school. 


The College Bound Scholarship covers average tuition, fees, and a book allowance at over 60 colleges, universities, and technical schools in Washington. It can make a huge difference — as it has for thousands of students in our state.


DEADLINE:  Applications for the College Bound Scholarship program are due by June 30 of a student’s 8th grade year.  To apply online or check if your student is eligible to participate, visit the College Bound Scholarship website. Students only need to sign up once. They can start anytime in 7th grade by must sign up by the end of their 8th grade year to qualify.


Students are eligible to apply for the College Bound Scholarship if they are eligible to receive the free/or reduced-price lunch program, are in foster care, or their family income qualifies. When eligible students apply, they promise to:

  • Graduate from a Washington State high school or home school with a 2.0 GPA or higher.
  • Apply to college.
  • Submit a financial aid application (FAFSA or WASFA) in your senior year of high school.
  • Have no felonies.

Telling students in middle school that they may not have to worry about college costs is a big motivator.  Not having to worry about their families having enough money to pay for college allows students to focus on their academic goals and dreams.


For more information, read the flyer.


If you have questions, please email, call 888-535-0747 (option 1), or contact your school counselor.