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SVSD Teachers Renew their National Board Certification


Congratulations to five Snoqualmie Valley educators who recently renewed their National Board Certification for professional teaching standards:

  • Dawn Frearson, TFMS Teacher
  • Julie Gardunia, NBES Teacher
  • Jenni Geel, NBES Math Interventionist
  • Erin Lampe, TFMS Teacher
  • Emily Rourke, TFMS Teacher

National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential that has been recognized by the National Research Council as having a profound positive impact on student learning, improving teaching, and making schools better. To earn this distinction, teachers must meet rigorous teaching standards that involve in-depth study, self-assessment, peer review and expert evaluation in their subject area. National Board Certified Teachers help students develop the necessary skills to thrive in school, in the workplace, and global economy.


For more information, visit the National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) website or Washington’s OSPI NBCT webpage.


This is a unique year because there were some COVID deferrals, so there may be another group in the spring.