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Update for Elementary Families (K-5) Regarding January Adjustments

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December 11, 2020


Dear SVSD Elementary Families,                                                                   


The Snoqualmie Valley School District continues to prepare for a safe return of our youngest learners.  At this time, we do not have a specific return date for in-person learning and will continue with our 100% remote schedule.  In preparation for our return, we are moving forward with several steps including some changes to elementary class rosters that enable future placement within an AM or PM cohort.  


These next steps are requiring us to make some difficult, but necessary, decisions that might involve a change in teacher for some students.  When modifying rosters, our first priority was to adhere to families’ fall survey responses (hybrid or remote preference, transportation elections).  Our secondary goal was to keep as many students with their currently assigned teacher as possible, while also ensuring that siblings were assigned to the same AM or PM cohort. 


Also, bus transportation will only be provided to elementary students in the PM cohort; this is to allow for potential transportation options for secondary students in the future.  If your transportation survey indicated a need for bussing, then your student(s) were assigned to the PM cohort.  All SVSD elementary schools are making similar adjustments in order to honor the survey results from our families.


All elementary families will receive communication on Tuesday, December 15, from their school, confirming their teacher placement starting January 4, 2021.  Students will continue with their current teacher until after winter break.  Then on Monday, January 4, students will login to Schoology and access their newly-assigned teacher’s Zoom link.  The regularly-scheduled daily review and attendance meeting will be an opportunity for your child to meet and greet their new classmates and teacher.  This applies to all students, regardless of which learning models they chose. 


Due to social distancing requirements and other limitations, opportunities are limited as related to adjusting cohort assignments. Therefore, we ask families to do their best to coordinate schedules around their newly-assigned AM or PM cohort. (Note: As transportation is only offered in the PM, we are unable to accommodate AM change requests if bussing is required.)  If your family has extenuating circumstances, there will be an opportunity to apply for a cohort change, but please understand adjustments will be limited.


In the meantime, our district will continue to monitor COVID-19 conditions for a safe return for in-person learning.  Families will be notified when the district confirms its plan to shift to the AM/PM Hybrid schedule.  Until then, your child will continue to follow the 100% Remote Learning schedule that is currently in place.  The AM/PM teacher assignments will go into effect on January 4, regardless of the exact date this shift to hybrid starts.  Implementing these steps will help prepare for a smooth transition when the time comes.  


Thank you for your continued partnership.



Robert W. Manahan, Ed. D


Snoqualmie Valley School District