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Inclement Weather Protocols during Remote & Hybrid Learning


The Snoqualmie Valley School District is modifying its plan for responding to severe winter weather, during this time of remote and hybrid learning models. When it is dangerous to put buses on the road (due to significant snow, freezing rain, flooding, or other extreme conditions), the District may close buildings, and switch to Full Remote Learning. Or, schools may be canceled districtwide. This year everyone will need to be prepared to transition between hybrid (part-time in person) and remote learning (online) during the winter months.


Schools Closed, Switch to Full Remote Learning

New this year:  The District will no longer have 2-hour delays in the event of inclement weather. Instead, we will close our schools for in-person instruction and pivot to online learning, if needed. In most cases, this will mean:

  • All school buildings will be closed for in-person instruction for ALL students.
  • All students will learn online during their regular school start and end times.
  • Students scheduled to attend in person on a Hybrid Learning Model, will login to zoom at their regular synchronous class times (AM or PM for elementary), and login to Schoology for remote learning the remainder of their school day.
  • Students on a 100% Remote Learning Model will continue as planned.
  • All on-site events scheduled at schools will be canceled.
  • Preschool will switch to remote learning.
  • Childcare programs hosted on our school campuses will be canceled. Check the YMCA or Si View Park websites for program updates.
  • No transportation will be provided, including out-of-district service.
  • When possible, school meals “to go” will still be provided at 7 school sites (all elementary schools and Mount Si High School), Monday-Friday, 11:15 – 12:30 p.m. -- without bus delivery of meals to neighborhoods.
    • Note: Meal service may be canceled if roads are not safe for staff to reach school or if schools cannot be cleared of snow and ice. Check the district website to confirm meal service details on inclement weather days.
  • Teachers will be prepared to conduct remote lessons.

In the event of power outages or loss of internet service, teachers may prompt an emergency learning plan they have prepared in advance in Schoology, or identify another asynchronous learning activity. If a student loses power/internet at home, please call your school attendance line to excuse your absence and notify your teacher as soon as you are able.


School Canceled Districtwide:

The above actions will likely address most situations encountered in our region. Should circumstances lead to the district determining that remote learning could not be successfully provided, the district would announce School Canceled Districtwide. All learning activities would be canceled. No out-of-district transportation. No school meals provided. Later, a make-up day would be added to the school calendar.


How to stay informed…

District Emergency Communication Resources (Keep these handy!)

The Snoqualmie Valley School District will post updates as follows during an emergency or school schedule change:

  • District website:   Look for the top district headline. The district website is typically the first and primary resource that is updated during an emergency. Any changes to school schedules will also be posted in the district welcome section of the website (upper left corner of the homepage).
  • District hotline: 425-831-8494   Call in to listen to a recorded message.
  • Sign up for emails/texts of information sent to the media. School districts use this service to inform media of school closures and late starts – which results in the media ticker you’ll see on morning news stations. (Download the free FlashAlert Messenger app or see instructions below on how to sign up online.)
  • Tune in to local TV & radio stations
  • District Facebook: and District Twitter: @SnoqValleySD


Emergency Call-out System

On mornings of questionable weather, please check the resources above for updates, starting with the district website at: If there is a change in the status of school, the district will also initiate its mass notification system to inform families of early morning schedules changes, as follows:

  • An ALL STAFF call/email/text will be pushed out as soon as a decision is made, typically between 4:30-5:00 a.m.
  • An ALL PARENTS call/email/text will follow -- after 5:30 a.m.
  • Schedule changes will also continue to be posted on other communications resources that include: district website,, district hotline, and district Facebook/Twitter accounts. 

If there is no message regarding the Snoqualmie Valley School District, assume our schools are running on schedule.  We do not send a message stating schools are on schedule.


Verify your Snow Route Bus Stop Locations:

The Snoqualmie Valley School District covers more than 400 square miles and 1,000 feet of elevation. Consequently, adverse weather conditions may impact neighborhoods differently throughout our district.  Our Transportation Department has identified three key areas:  Area A, Area B, and Area C – to help differentiate when “Limited Transportation” may be needed for specific areas. To confirm your area and the closest snow route bus stop, click here. (Or, select the Snowflake icon on the homepage.)

snowflake icon

To learn how our district decides when a school delay or closure is needed, read Be Prepared for School Schedule Changes. On questionable mornings when your student is scheduled for in-person learning, be sure to double check the resources above just prior to leaving for school. There have been rare occasions when weather conditions worsened significantly between the time a decision is made (before 5 a.m.) and the actual start time of school, requiring a late change.  


Sign up for our Notification Services:

How to Sign Up for Emergency Texts from the District:

Since texting may incur a cost for users from their service provider, parents/guardians and staff in our system, who want to allow emergency texts from the district, need to “opt in” for this capability.

TO SIGN UP:  On your mobile phone, simply address a text to: 67587, type “Y” or “YES” as the message, then hit send.

If you change your mind, you can opt out of text messages at any time by simply replying “stop” to one of our messages. For more information about the SchoolMessenger Text Messaging Service, please read this flyer (in English and Spanish).


How to Sign Up for Bus Bulletin Notifications from Transportation:

The district's Transportation Department offers a free service that will notify a parent or guardian when their child's school bus will be delayed more than 10 minutes. Each new school year, families must sign up and enter their student’s current route.

TO SIGN UP:  Confirm your student’s bus route using E-Link. Then register for notifications about your specific route at Bus Bulletin. Parents can sign up for email, text or voice notifications related to their student’s specific bus route.


How to Sign Up for FlashAlert Notices to Media:

The Snoqualmie Valley School District uses, along with all Puget Sound area school districts, to post emergency closure or late start information to local media. Subscribers can view information online and/or sign up to receive the brief email message that news media receive. The preferred method to access emergency closure information is through the free mobile app called FlashAlert Messenger.


  • Go to
  • Click on Manage your Messenger Subscription.
  • Follow instructions to login or Create New Account.
  • Choose a region to Add an Organization.
    • Select Seattle/Western Washington.
    • Search for King Co. Schools and Snoqualmie Valley SD.
  • Click Subscribe and follow instructions for confirming your email address and account options.
  • Information about downloading the free FlashAlert Messenger app is also on this page.