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Special Virtual Field Trip for 2nd Graders at Opstad Elementary


On Wednesday morning, February 10, 2nd grade students in Room 10 at Opstad Elementary School, got a special surprise.  Substitute Teacher Jennifer Hofmann explained that as a reward for submitting over 100 writing samples over the past few weeks, she had a special surprise planned for her students.  “I sent home a ‘super secret’ packet to each students’ home – with instruction that the kids could not open their envelopes until the class was together on their 8:30 a.m. Wednesday zoom call. The envelopes contained with a map, an entrance ticket, and Mickey Mouse ears for each student.” The big reveal was that they were going to Disney World together -- virtually!  The class went on different rides together and worked with a map to navigate the park, marking where they had been with stickers to show when they were walking north, south, east, or west within the park.  


“I have been their substitute since mid-October, and since this is my last week with them… it was also a fun way to say goodbye,” added Hofmann. Squeals of excitement validated that this treat was appreciated by all!


Happy OES 2nd Graders