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New SMART Tag System Enhances Safety for SVSD School Bus Riders


The Snoqualmie Valley School District’s Transportation Department is excited to launch a new safety and security system, called SMART Tag.  Through the use of technology, this system monitors to the location of each tablet-equipped school bus, tracks student loading and unloading, and provides real-time information to our Transportation Department, schools, and parents/guardians who sign up for the free service. This will help ensure student riders board the right bus and depart at the right stop.


“This fall, we have been busy training all of our drivers and school office staff on the new SMART Tag system. We are now ready to put it to good use as more students are returning for at-school learning,” explained Belle Tromp, SVSD Transportation Director. “We look forward to this system helping to streamline our student management, tracking capabilities, and parent communications for the safety and security of every student who rides a Snoqualmie Valley school bus.”


Our district has already piloted the SMART Tag tool with students in our some of our specialty classes, who began in person education services this fall.  In February, SVSD elementary schools began using the system for their hybrid (in-person) learners through 5th grade, who are using district transportation to or from school.  As more grade levels (6-12) return for in-person hybrid learning, all student riders will benefit from the SMART Tag system.


Students who Ride a School Bus:   

Your school will assign each bus rider a SMART tag card with the student’s name and a unique bar code. We recommend that your student attach the lanyard/tag to the top loop of their backpack, the same loop that they use to hang up their backpack, for easy access and quick boarding.  Each time your student boards or exits a school bus, they will need to scan their card.  Our drivers will show them how. 


If your student loses their SMART Tag, their school will be able to replace the first one, free of charge.  After that, there may be a charge to replace subsequent cards. Email the Transportation Dept. at: to report a lost card. 


The SMART Tag Parent Portal:

Parents/Guardians can sign up for SMART Alerts and receive emails or text messages when their child is approx. 10-15 minutes from their bus stop.  The SMART Locate feature allows parents to view a map showing the bus as their student is being transported.  Additionally, this tool allows parents to update authorized guardians for pick-up.  


To sign up for the SMART Tag Parent Portal:  See the flyer below for more information and instructions. Also, please visit our SMART Tag webpage to watch brief videos for parents regarding:  What is SMART Tag?, Create a Parent Portal Account, Create a 2nd Parent Portal Account, and Set up Cell Phone for Notifications, and explore frequently asked questions.  

Click on the image to read the flyer more clearly.

SMART Tag flyer