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Secondary Students (Grades 6-12) Are Returning to School

This week and next we are welcoming back Snoqualmie Valley middle school and high school students on a new Hybrid A/B Learning models, as follows:  Grades 6 and 9 returned March 22 (Group A) and March 23 (Group B). Grade 12 hybrid students are returning today (Thursday)  March 25 (Group A) and tomorrow, Friday, March 26 (Group B).  And Grades 7/8 and Grades 10/11 are scheduled to return Monday, March 29 (Group A) and Tuesday, March 30 (Group B)


Resources to preview prior to returning include:


A Special Message to Snoqualmie Valley Secondary (6-12) Families 

March 25, 2021 


Many thanks to all families of 6-12 students for the tremendous support from home as we shifted to a hybrid model. We could not have made changes to our school model without your help!  While there were many things that occurred at home to make our first week a success, we are particularly appreciative for your partnership in these areas:

  • Flexibility and adjustments to family schedules in both the 100% remote program and the hybrid program as we moved to a new bell schedule in our middle and high schools.
  • All students in the hybrid model showing up on campus with masks on and supplies ready.
  • Extremely high levels of completed attestations for students in the hybrid model before arriving on campus.
  • Students in the middle school 100% remote model welcoming and supporting some new classmates this week.
  • Patience on the part of our families as we learn new ways of teaching and supporting students in both the hybrid and remote models simultaneously. We are equally committed to both groups of students, and we’re grateful for the grace you’ve given us to learn and adjust what we do as educators during this transition to a hybrid model.

As we continue with our new schedules and bring our remaining 6-12 hybrid students on to campus, we are sharing a couple reminders to help ensure the remainder of the year is productive and rewarding for students in both the hybrid and remote programs. We would deeply appreciate it if you could talk with your children about the following important components of our 6-12 program:

  • Wednesday is a required and important school day, and an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed by students who wish to thrive academically. We ask that students who have scheduled commitments during our Wednesday school hours please make adjustments so they are able to attend scheduled classes and receive instructions from teachers.
  • All 6-12 students in the hybrid model are required to participate in class/school on their “at-home” learning days. We realize this is a bit confusing as students in the hybrid model are only on campus for two days, but it is important for them to understand the at-home days are also school days.
  • All 6-8 students in the hybrid model and all high school students (remote and hybrid) must log in immediately at the beginning of each class period when at home. Teachers are now managing students who are both in person and at home, simultaneously.  And due to the complex nature of teaching in this way, they are unable to continue letting students into Zoom throughout a class period.  Additionally, students who are late to class are missing valuable instructional time, just as they would be if we were conducting school as we normally do. Please note there is no guarantee a student at home will be admitted to class if joining a Zoom meeting after the class period begins, as the teacher is unable to continually monitor this or catch up students who are late.

Thank you again for your support!  We welcome your questions, ideas and input moving forward.


Ginger Callison

Assistant Superintendent