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New Slide Shows of SVSD Students Returning in Person -- See the Latest!


Our latest celebration…We welcomed the return of seniors (March 25-26) and the remaining grade levels who have chose in-person schedules – grades 7/8 and 10/11 on March 29 (Group A) and March 30 (Group B). Check out the latest slide show of this most recent return to learn transition.


Below are slide shows we shared previously of restarting in-person instruction Snoqualmie Valley 4th and 5th grade hybrid students on March 1-2, followed by 6th and 9th graders on March 22-23. It's great to see students back in school.


NEW ADDITION: Watch a slide show of Grades 12, 7, 8, 10 and 11:

Slide show of Grades 12,7,8,10,11

Watch a slide show of Grades 4-5:

Slide show of 4-5 Return


Watch a slide show of Grades 6 and 9:

 Grades 6&9 Return Slide Show


Thanks to all for doing your part to make this a smooth transition. Stay safe and healthy over Spring Break!

For future reference, our District archives videos and slide shows here.