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Announcing the 2021 SVSD Educators of the Year!


Congratulations to five devoted Snoqualmie Valley educators who were named the 2021 Educators of the Year by the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation. On April 1, Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation Board members made surprise (and socially distanced) visits during the school day to announce these special awards. See photos below.


They honored the following school staff as their 2021 Educators of the Year:

  • Bronwyn McDaniels, Attendance Secretary at Mount Si High School, was named the 2021 Classified Educator of the Year.
  • Julie Gardunia, a 5th Grade Teacher at North Bend Elementary School, was selected as the 2021 Elementary School Educator of the Year.
  • Casey Brogden, who teaches 7th grade math at Chief Kanim Middle School, was chosen as the 2021 Middle School Educator of the Year.
  • Dan Mancoff, who teaches Language Arts at Mount Si High School, was named the 2021 High School Educator of the Year.
  • And, Janice Wintermyer was named 2021 Secondary Educator of the Year for her instructional support of teachers helping them prepare for remote teaching with new technology -- as special recognition for rising to the challenges presented by COVID-19 this year. 

The Foundation’s Educator of the Year awards program celebrates outstanding educators in the Snoqualmie Valley School District who: inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn, have earned respect, lead by example, and play an active role in creating a positive scholastic environment.


Educators are nominated by parents, students, fellow staff members, and community members. The Schools Foundation’s Selection Committee is comprised of local business and community leaders, who carefully reviews all nominations to determine who will receive this prestigious honor.


The 2021 Educators of the Year will be honored guests during the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation’s Annual “Small Hands to Big Plans” Spring Fundraising event -- and featured in a special video.  This is the Foundation’s most significant annual event that brings together caring community members and businesses to help raise funds that directly support innovative classroom grants and district-wide initiatives that benefit all Snoqualmie Valley students and schools.


What has traditionally (pre-pandemic) been a luncheon, will be a 2021 Virtual Week of Giving this year, out of concern for the community’s safety and well-being.  Starting Monday, April 19 through Friday, April 23, the Week of Giving will feature special videos shared daily. For more details, sponsor and videos, please sign up here on the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation website.The Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to building community support to provide the best possible education for Every Student in Every Classroom at Every School. For more information, please visit:

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Enjoy snapshots below of these honored staff, as they first learned of this exciting honor through surprise visits on April 1, 2021.


Casey Brogden, CKMS Teacher, 2021 Middle School Educator of the Year

 Casey Brogden 1

Casey Brogden 2

Casey Brogden 3

Casey Brogden 4

Casey Brogden 6

Casey Brogden 6

Casey Brogden 7


Dan Mancoff, MSHS Teacher, 2021 High School Educator of the Year

Dan Mancoff 1

Dan Mancoff 2

Dan Mancoff 3

Dan Mancoff 4

Dan Mancoff 5

Dan Mancoff 6

Dan Mancoff 7


Bronwyn McDaniels, MSHS Attendance Secretary, 2021 Classified Educator of the Year

Bronwyn McDaniels 1

Bronwyn McDaniels 2

Bronwyn McDaniels 3

Bronwyn McDaniels 4

Bronwyn McDaniels 5

Bronwyn McDaniels 6

Bronwyn McDaniels 7


Julie Gardunia, NBES 5th Grade Teacher, 2021 Elementary Educator of the Year

Julie Gardunia 1

Julie Gardunia 2

Julie Gardunia 3

Julie Gardunia 4

Julie Gardunia 5

Julie Gardunia 6

Julie Gardunia 7


Janice Wintermyer, Instructional Coach, 2021 Secondary Educator of the Year

Janice Wintermyer 1

Janice Wintermyer 2

Janice Wintermyer 3

Janice Wintermyer 4

Janice Wintermyer 5

Janice Wintermyer 6

Janice Wintermyer 7

Janice Wintermyer 8