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SVSD Transportation Donates Decommissioned Bus for Fire Dept. Training


When our Snoqualmie Valley School District Transportation Department needed to decommission a school bus recently, they donated the vehicle to the Snoqualmie Fire Department to be used for emergency training simulations.


SVSD Director of Transportation Belle Tromp explained, “We had to scrap an environmentally-unfriendly, older diesel bus to qualify for a grant from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to purchase an Electric Vehicle Bus. To qualify for this opportunity, we had to decommission the bus in such a way to render it un-drivable.”


“While many districts would scrap it for the metal, I decided to reach out to our local emergency response services to see if they could benefit from training with a bus. I thought this could prolong the usefulness of the bus, not just filling a landfill somewhere, and also provide an opportunity for purposeful training that would continue to benefit this community,” added Tromp who has FEMA and Emergency Management experience. Prior to joining SVSD, she participated with multi-agency emergency planning/exercises at other school districts, so is looking forward to a similar partnership in Snoqualmie Valley.


Captain Jake Fouts of the Snoqualmie Fire Department welcomed this opportunity for his team.


On March 31, the school bus was disabled (per EPA requirements) and towed from the bus yard.  Special thanks to Todd’s Towing and Recovery for their time and talents, which they volunteered to transport the large retired bus safely. See photos below. 


In a thank you letter from Captain Fouts, he shared, “The bus we received will be used over the course of the next 4 month for various fire department training evolutions, focused on the care of students and staff should one of these vehicles become involved in a collision or catch fire.  In addition to the smaller evolutions, we will be planning a mass-casualty training event to take place sometime in August in which we will be inviting not only our partners from neighboring fire districts, but the School District, Snoqualmie Valley Hospital, Snoqualmie Police Department, Washington State Patrol, and Todd’s Towing and Recovery.”

(Posted April 21, 2021)


Bus donation 2


Bus Donation photo


Bus donation 2