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Increasing In-Person Support for Students Who Need it Most


With improving COVID-19 transmission rates, our region is no longer considered to be in a “high” transmission stage, as defined by the Department of Health (DOH) Guidance for K-12 Schools. This positive development is allowing our schools more flexibility to serve more students in person, for more hours/days a week. In collaboration with our employee associations, our district is expanding the number of students who will be eligible to attend for more hours in person, based on those most in need of additional support through the end of this school year.


At the elementary school level (P-5), students identified will attend school for the full day.  At the secondary level (grades 6-12), identified students will attend in-person classes four full days per week, rather than two. 


Factors that will be considered in prioritizing students for additional in-person instruction include:

  • Academic performance (students with the highest number of failing grades, seniors in danger of not graduating)
  • Special Education (IEP) or English Language (EL) services
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) needs
  • Then, whether there is physical space for the student in the classroom, according to the updated student social distancing guidelines


Following this prioritization process, our schools will be contacting families whose students are identified to benefit most from extra in-person support, to make arrangements through June 18.  We are working to accommodate as many more students as possible at school, in accordance with the latest school distancing requirements.  


For the next 2021-22 school year, as we announced earlier, we are planning for all Snoqualmie Valley students to be back in school five days a week. Our plans will also include a remote only learning option for those who prefer at-home learning next fall. 


Posted May 28, 2021