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Free Summer Credit Recovery Opportunity for SVSD Students in Grades 9-12


Snoqualmie Valley School District is offering free online credit recovery classes this summer for any high school student who received a failing grade in a course during the past three semesters (Spring 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021).  As part of our district's Academic and Student Well-being Recovery Plan, our district will cover the full cost of credit recovery courses for students in grades 9-12 who may have struggled with distance learning during the pandemic.


Important information regarding this opportunity:

  • Please visit the MSHS Online Learning Program webpage for more details including a list of available classes and registration information. 
  • Students may take up to two courses this summer. Students should consult with their school counselors to determine which classes they need and how many courses to take.
  • Summer school begins on June 23 and runs through August 6 (if taking one course) or through August 23 (if taking two courses).
  • Students will learn remotely and work independently at their own pace for the course. Each student will sign up for a scheduled, weekly in-person check in (typically Wednesday) with the MSHS Online Program Supervisor to assess their progress toward completion each week. Students who require a remote weekly check in, for health, safety or transportation concerns, can make arrangements with the program supervisor after enrollment.
  • The deadline to register is June 23.
  • To enroll in Summer Credit Recovery classes, click here to get started.


Do you have questions about whether this experience is right for you (or your student)?  Please contact your school counselor.