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Four NBES Teachers Earn GLAD Trainer Certification


Four North Bend Elementary School teachers recently completed their GLAD trainer certification, a rigorous process which involves two years of dedication and study related to teaching language acquisition and literacy. Congratulations to Steve Boolos, Kelsey Carr, Shea DeAngelis and Jenny Ketner for their commitment to improving education for SVSD students!


Newly Certified GLAD Trainer at NBES


As Certified Agency Trainers, they will now be able to spread their knowledge of GLAD teaching strategies to other SVSD staff. They were trained on the U.S. Department of Education’s Academic Excellence professional development model: Awareness, 2-Day workshop, Classroom demonstration, Follow-up support, and Administrator sessions. These sessions provide support in academic language and literacy, standards-based instruction, differentiation, collaborative learning, project-based learning, integrated-blended learning, and strategies that promote equity in classrooms.


Be GLAD® is a national organization offering professional development for teachers to states, districts, and schools. They promote language acquisition and literacy, high academic achievement, and 21st Century skills, by employing the Project GLAD® model and practical strategies. Learn more at:


Posted September 7, 2021