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Food Services Delivery Delays Necessitate Some Menu Changes


Like many other businesses, our school district is experiencing some delays in shipments from vendors due to supply chain and transportation issues.  These delays are impacting our Technology Department, for example, as equipment ordered last spring to replenish this summer are still delayed overseas.  Additionally, our Food Services Department has experienced some delays in deliveries from some suppliers, since the start of school. (For details, please read this message from Chartwells, the company that manages our district’s meal services.)


These delays, coupled with more students taking advantage of the free school breakfasts and lunches, is requiring some creative problem solving in our school kitchens.  Fortunately, we are still able to feed all students who want a meal, but at times, we may need to deviate from our published menus with a substituted item or two. If we need to improvise and make late changes to our school menus, we appreciate your flexibility and understanding.


If you have questions, please email Pam Chambers, Food Services Director, or call 425-831-8009.


Special thanks to our kitchen staff for their nimble efforts and commitment to providing nutritious meals for all students!


Our 2021 Food Services Team


Hats off to our 2021 Food Services Team! 

Posted September 13, 2021