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State Testing Scheduled this Fall and Spring


Due to the pandemic, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) postponed standardized assessments last spring, until this fall. This means that school districts in Washington State will administer the standardized exams called Smarter Balanced Assessments twice this year. Exams this fall will evaluate what students learned last year (2020-21), and the regular springtime assessments will get us back on track for evaluating learning from the current 2021-22 school year.


This fall, Smarter Balanced Assessments have been shortened to ensure that students and teachers have as much time as possible at the start of the school year to establish relationships, routines, and activities. Fall 2021 tests will be reflective of the grade level students were in last year, for the 2020-21 school year. For example, current 4th graders will take 3rd grade exams to evaluate their learning last year. (See chart below)  


Fall testing in SVSD will run October 12 through November 10, 2021.  Please look for communication from your school, for details regarding specific test dates at your school.


In spring of 2022, we will resume the normal testing schedule, when assessments in English Language Arts (ELA), math, and science will be administered to 3rd -11th grade students aligned to their currently enrolled grade level. 


The results from these state tests provide valuable data that help our educators determine if students are on track with their learning, and respond effectively to needs that surface.  Individual student assessment scores will be available in Skyward Family Access as soon as their score reports are released from OSPI. Your schools will notify families when this is available.


Refer to the chart below for state tests required this year, by grade level.


 State Assessment by grade level 2021-22

Posted October 7, 2021