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School Emergency Communication Resources


With stormy weather in the forecast, please ensure you know where to look for updates about school closures, delays or other school emergencies.  This year, because we have so many more cars on the road -- with more parents transporting students and more high school students driving -- please know that we will err on the side of caution when making decisions to close or delay schools for inclement weather.  Also, keep in mind that our district covers a huge geographic area and we cannot run school unless it is possible for us to reach all areas safely.


District Emergency Communication Resources (Keep these handy!)

The Snoqualmie Valley School District uses the following resources to provide updates, during an emergency or closure/delay:

  • Mass notifications via phone/email/text messages to parents/guardians and staff who have contact information in our database. (Notifications may be sent districtwide or specifically to one school, depending on the situation.) 
  • District website:  The top district headline on the website is typically the first place news and updates are posted during an emergency. Also, check the district “announcement” (upper left corner of homepage) of all school websites for closures/late starts.
  • District hotline: 425-831-8494   Call in to listen to a recorded message.
  • District Facebook: and District Twitter: @SnoqValleySD
  • Sign up for brief emails/texts sent to media. You can also check their website for school districts' school closures or delays. (Download the free FlashAlert Messenger app or see instructions below on how to sign up online.)
  • Tune in to local TV & radio stations

School Closures or Late Starts

On mornings of questionable weather, please check the resources above for updates, starting with our website: When a decision is made to close schools or start late, the district will initiate its mass notification system early in the morning to families/staff as follows:

  • An ALL STAFF call/email/text will be pushed out as soon as a decision is made, typically between 4:30-5:00 a.m.
  • An ALL PARENT call/email/text will follow -- between 5:15-5:30 a.m.
  • If we announce Limited Transportation, check our Emergency Information for snow routes.

If there is no message regarding the Snoqualmie Valley School District, assume all of our schools are running on schedule.  We do not send a message stating schools are on schedule.


To learn how our district decides when a school delay or closure is needed, read Be Prepared for School Schedule Changes. Be sure to double check the resources above just prior to leaving for school too, since there have been rare occasions when conditions have worsened significantly between the time a decision is made (before 5 a.m.) and the actual start time of school. 


Automatic Emergency Texts from the District

Parents/guardians and staff in our system are automatically signed up for emergency texts from the district – when added to our system.  So, no action is needed. Those new to the district will receive a text notice that gives them the option to OPT OUT if desired, or do nothing and receive emergency SVSD alerts.  

IF, however, you opted out in the past and now want to resume text notifications – or if your number is not in our database – you can always SIGN UP by simply addressing a text to: 67587, and type “Y” or “YES” as the message, then hit send. To stop text messages at any time, reply “stop” to one of our messages. For more information about the SchoolMessenger Text Messaging Service, please read this flyer (in English and Spanish).


How to Sign Up for Transportation Notifications: 

Our Transportation Team uses two notification services, Bus Bulletin and Smart Tag Parent Portal, to notify a parent or guardian when their child's school bus will be delayed more than 10 minutes. TO SIGN UP:   First, confirm your student’s bus route using E-Link.  Then register for free notifications about your specific route (chose email, text, voice):


How to Sign Up for FlashAlert Notices to Media:

School districts in the Puget Sound area use to inform local media of emergency closures and late starts. Subscribers can view information online and/or sign up to receive the brief email/text message that news media prefer. The best way to access this information is through the free FlashAlert Messenger mobile app.


  • Go to
  • Click on Manage your Messenger Subscription.
  • Follow instructions to login or Create New Account.
  • Choose a region Seattle/Western Washington.
    • Search for King Co. Schools and Snoqualmie Valley SD.
  • Click Subscribe and follow instructions for confirming your email address and account options.
  • Information about downloading the free FlashAlert Messenger app is also on this page, including QR codes for easy access.


A Parent’s Role during an Emergency

To understand a parent’s role during a school emergency, please refer to the School Emergency Information Guide for Parents and Guardians. This brochure outlines important information and instructions for parents that will help support their student’s safety and the school’s ability to respond, in the event of an emergency at school.


We recommend you print the following information to keep as a resource, in case there’s a power or internet outage.