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Hooray for our School Nurses!


On May 11, we honored our School Nurses. We are grateful for this amazing group of health professionals who care for all Snoqualmie Valley students every day. The past two years, especially, have been a doozy for our Health Services team of school nurses and health room assistants, with support from Health & Safety Director Robin Earl. Throughout the pandemic, their tireless service and compassion for all has helped keep our students, staff and community healthy.


Below, see photos of our SVSD school nurses on National School Nurse Day, as Superintendent Gibbon delivered special treats from the School Board and personally thanked these stellar health care professionals.


School Nurse Day 1


School Nurse Day 2


School Nurse Day 3


School Nurse Day 4


FCES nurse


School Nurse Day 6


School Nurse Day 7


School Nurse Day 8


School Nurse Day 9


School Nurse Day 10

Thanks for all you do!


Updated May 12, 2022