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Best Wishes to Our Retiring SVSD Staff!

This year, 17 Snoqualmie Valley educators announced their plans to retire.  We want to thank them for they years of service to SVSD schools and families, and wish them all good health and happiness in the adventures that await in retirement. Congratulations to all.  See photos below.


Retiring this summer:

  • Susan Baysinger, OES Paraeducator II
  • Stephen Boolos, NBES Teacher 
  • Toni Puzzo Canady, MSHS Teacher 
  • Bill Davis, Executive Director of Operations 
  • Karen Deichman, SMS Teacher
  • Cheri Enevold, CKMS Administrative Assistant 
  • James W. Frazier, CVES Principal 
  • Diann Lund, SES Preschool
  • Carol Masters, SMS Librarian/Paraeducator
  • Colleen McEldowney, SES Librarian
  • Donna Medrano, NBE Head Custodian
  • Nancy Pastrana, OES Teacher 

Retired earlier this school year:

  • Lori Becker, Payroll Officer (Mar.)
  • Susan Duin, TFMS Head Cook (Nov.)
  • Maureen Elwell, MSHS Paraeducator III (Aug.) 
  • Ingrid Garhart, SLP Assistant (Sept.)
  • Denise Gloede-Atkinson, TRS Paraeducator II (Sept.) 

Thank you for sharing your hearts, minds and inspiration to help Snoqualmie Valley youth learn and grow!  Happy Retirement!


Stephen Boolos

Diann Lund

Bill Davis

Colleen McEldowney

Jim Frazier

Donna Medrano

Denise Gloede-Atkinson

Susan Basinger

Susan Duin

Ingrid Garhart

Cheri Enevold

Carol Masters


Toni Puzzo Canady


Cherie Celebration


Karen Deichman with class


Lori Becker