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We Welcome New Staff to Snoqualmie Valley Schools


Meet our newest staff to join the Snoqualmie Valley School District, many of whom attended our New Hire Orientation August 15 (pictured here).


New Employee Orientation


Please extend a warm welcome to the terrific educators who joined our SVSD teams this summer (listed alphabetically).  They are excited and ready to serve your children during the 2022-23 school year! We'll continue to add to this list as more hires are finalized.


New to the district:

  • Jessica Ackley, Teacher
  • Christine Allison, MSHS Teacher
  • Jessica Bennett, MSHS Teacher
  • Joseph Boertmann, MSHS Asst. Principal
  • Eric Boutin, Instructional Services
  • Sara Bowman, Teacher
  • Samuel Boysen, Classified Misc.
  • Nicholas Brown, MSHS Teacher
  • Peter Canfield, MSHS Instructional Services
  • Melanie Castagno Jenckes, MSHS Admin. Asst.
  • Michelle Chaney, CTE Director
  • Erica Clemeson, FCES Instructional Services
  • Brittany Cloutier, Administrative Asst.
  • Lauren Cook, MSHS Teacher
  • Bernadette Darby, SMS Admin. Asst.
  • Annika Dayton, Psychology Intern
  • Marc Evankovich, Maintenance
  • Colleen Fitzgerald, MSHS Teacher
  • Miguel Flores, Maintenance
  • Catherine Fredenburg, TRS/PPP Principal
  • Isabel Gleason, TFMS Teacher
  • Carlee Gorman, Teacher
  • Waleska Gutierrez, MSHS Teacher
  • Margaret Halferty, MSHS Instructional Services
  • Christopher Hamel, MSHS Teacher
  • Debra Hay, MSHS Principal
  • Caitlyn Hughes, MSHS Teacher
  • Sinead Keys Mettler, PPP Teacher
  • Rachita Krishnarajanagara Mallesh, NBES Instructional Services
  • Stacy (Michelle) Larson, CKMS Assist. Principal
  • Matthew Maciejewski, CKMS Teacher
  • Brian Mackey, OES Instructional Services
  • Jamie Matson, Speech & Lang. Pathology Asst.
  • Justin May, Associate Director of Student Services
  • Christian McKone, MSHS Teacher
  • Brittany Miers, SMS Teacher
  • Joy Miller, MSHS Teacher
  • Kathryn Nantz, Teacher
  • Kathryn Norgard, NBES Teacher
  • Patrick Parnell, MSHS Coach
  • Robert Pulliam, MSHS Teacher
  • Nicole Ann Perriella-Rehmke, SES Teacher
  • Laycie Radar, CKMS Teacher
  • Joseph Rome, MSHS Teacher
  • Sherri Ruane, MSHS Cooks Helper
  • Robert Rutherford, MSHS Teacher
  • Michelle Scaringi, Teacher
  • Kristin Shields, Technical/Health
  • Mary Siemsen, Teacher
  • Amy Sorg, MSHS Teacher
  • Brianne Stanley, CKMS Teacher
  • Jennifer Sturgess, TRES Teacher
  • Holly Tanhueco, SES Teacher
  • Matthew Taylor, MSHS Coach
  • Megan Van Loon, CKMS Teacher
  • Britney Varhley, Teacher
  • Jamie Warner, FCES Principal
  • Joseph Weber, TRES Asst. Principal
  • Elizabeth Whittington, MSHS Teacher
  • Janell Wickersham, TRES Teacher
  • Angela Wolfe, SMS Teacher
  • Sarah Wyrick, NBES Teacher
  • Anne Young, CKMS Admin. Assistant
  • Stacey Zachau, MSHS Teacher

Also, some SVSD staff are also transitioning into new roles as follows:

  • Brian Bischoff, NBES Head Custodian
  • Deborah Burns, NBES Teacher
  • Megan Consolati, NBES Teacher
  • Caleb Greig, MSHS Teacher
  • Courtney Hahn, Admin. Asst./Sub Coordinator
  • Jeanette Meek, MSHS Admin. Assistant
  • Bryce Vaughn, SES Teacher

In case you missed it earlier this summer, read SVSD Welcomes New Admin Hires to meet several new school leaders and learn about transitions taking place this fall.


Posted August 18, 2022