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Battle of the Books Rules

Battle of the Books

Rules for District Competition

1.    Teams will consist of 5 team members.  If a team begins with 4 (or a team member drops out), a 5th team member will be randomly chosen from the previously eliminated team.  This will apply throughout the B.O.B. season.


2.    Teams may not bring anything with them when they are competing.


3.    Each team shall designate one member as the team captain. Only the captain may respond to a question and ask to have a question repeated.


4.     After a question has been given, each team has 40 seconds to decide on an answer and write it down. At 30 seconds you will be given a 10 second warning. At 40 seconds you will be asked to hold your boards up if you have the correct answer. Keep your boards up until you’re told to put them down. Each team that gets a correct answer is awarded 10 points. 


5.     A round will consist of 40 questions. At the end of the round the winner will be declared.


6.     In the event of a tie, the teams that have the tying score will be given an additional 5 questions. At the end of the 5 questions, if the teams are still tied there will be a sudden death round until we have one winning team.


7.    There will be no challenges.


8.    The decision of the judges is final and cannot be challenged.