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Mount Si Groundbreaking Honors History & Welcomes Future

With a jackhammer at the ready, Superintendent Joel Aune and School Board directors welcomed community members, students, staff, alumni, architects and contractors to Mount Si High School’s Groundbreaking Ceremony on Wednesday, June 8 at 3 p.m.
The program featured school leaders sharing interesting facts about Mount Si and how the facility has evolved over the years, plus a preview of the new design and educational specifications that will be incorporated in the new school. The event culminated with School Board members, Superintendent Aune, Principal John Belcher, and 2015 Bond Campaign Co-leaders Kirk Harris and Chris Alef donning hard hats and safety goggles to ceremoniously (and loudly) break concrete in an exciting display of power tool skills. See photos from the event below.
Construction on the rebuild and expansion of Mount Si High School will begin later this month.
The new school will be completed and ready for students and staff by the fall of 2019. Until then, students and staff will continue to be able to conduct school at Mount Si High School, as the new construction will take place adjacent to the existing facility. This unique plan works to minimize disruption to learning and shorten the construction timeline.
Throughout this project, the District will continue to provide updates, photos and videos of the progress on the school’s construction.
Click on the Facility Planning and Construction button on the District website for updates on all the capital projects included in the 2015 school bond.
Thanks again to Snoqualmie Valley voters for investing in your community, schools and children.
MSHS Groundbreaking - June 8, 2016 - Superintendent Joel Aune with School Board Directors
 MSHS Groundbreaking 2  MSHS Groundbreaking 3
 MSHS Groundbreaking 4  MSHS Groundbreaking 5
 MSHS Groundbreaking 6  MSHS Groundbreaking 7
 MSHS Groundbreaking 8  MSHS Groundbreaking 9
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 MSHS Groundbreaking 16  MSHS Groundbreaking 17
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 MSHS Groundbreaking 21 - Goeff Doy  MSHS Groundbreaking 22 - Bond campaign leaders
 MSHS Groundbreaking 23 - Tavish Maclean  MSHS Groundbreaking 24
 MSHS Groundbreaking 25 - Marci Busby  MSHS Groundbreaking 26 - Marci Busby
 MSHS Groundbreaking 27 - Carolyn Simpson  MSHS Grounbreaking 28 - Carolyn Simpson
 MSHS Groundbreaking 29  MSHS Groundbreaking 30 - Dan Popp with son
 MSHS Groundbreaking 31 - Joel Aune  MSHS Grounbreaking 32
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