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Mount Si High School Construction Begins

Construction on the rebuild of Mount Si High School is beginning this week. For details on the project, read the letter below sent from Mount Si Principal John Belcher to all Mount Si High School families on September 16, 2016.

Important MSHS Construction Update:

Happy Friday Wildcats,

We have some exciting news to share with you today. I have just received an update from the district construction team that I would like to share with our students and staff. The district has received the necessary permits from the city to begin the construction of Mount Si High School!

For the next few years, we will be involved in seeing this site completely transform. This is an exciting time for the Wildcats, but it will also require patience, flexibility and adaption for all involved. We are completely rebuilding Mount Si while the site is occupied by students and staff, so there will be incredible amounts of activity for the next four years. Be assured that the district will keep student and staff safety and security at the forefront of the project.

To that end, we want to inform you that in the coming days, students and staff will begin to see signs closing Meadowbrook Way for parking during construction. Due to the high volume of construction equipment that will be accessing Meadowbrook Way, it is important to keep your vehicles and you out of harm's way. Vehicle parking and traffic at the south end of the building by the autoshop will also be closed. The contractor will provide three flaggers to help monitor and control traffic flow along Meadowbrook Way once the heavy equipment gets into full swing.

Next week, the contractor will begin to mobilize their equipment to begin work on the temporary parking lot highlighted in red in the attached picture. At the same time, they will also be working on clearing and grading the baseball and softball fields in preparation for the next stage of construction. This process will also involve bringing a large amount of crushed rock on-site. Once the temporary parking is complete and available for students and busses (currently scheduled for November), the current main parking lot will be closed so that it can be cleared and graded as well. At that time, the current main entrance to the school with be closed and relocated to the back of the building, by the gazebo, as indicated on the photo below. Bus drop off and pick up will occur behind the building along Schusman Ave. once the temporary parking is complete. The temporary parking lot is expected to provide more parking spots than we currently have on-site.
Temporary Parking map for Mount Si High School construction
In December, we will begin to see two large cranes arrive to begin working on inserting nearly 5,000 stone columns into the ground. Those stone columns are intended to reinforce the soils and will become the base for the building foundation and supports. We anticipate the construction of the building to begin in April of next year.

We have had an incredible start to our school year. Let's keep that positive momentum going and use what is going on around us to be reminded of the benefits of change, growth and perspective in our educational journey.

Have a great weekend, and GO CATS!

John Belcher
Mount Si High School Principal