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Snoqualmie Elementary Gym Construction to Begin Soon

Construction on the new gym addition at Snoqualmie Elementary School is scheduled to begin next week. For details on the project and timeline, read the letter below sent from Principal John Norberg to all Snoqualmie Elementary families on September 22, 2016.

Important SES Construction Update:

Dear Snoqualmie Elementary Families,

Snoqualmie Elementary has some exciting news to share with you today. I have just received an update from the district construction team that I would like to share with our students and staff. The district has received the necessary permits from the city to begin the construction of the new gymnasium! This is an exciting time, as this construction will provide vastly needed additional space to provide better services to our students, as well as to our community.

The construction of the gymnasium, which will adjoin the existing multi-purpose/gym space, will have a temporary impact on student traffic flows and recess, and a limited impact on parking throughout the remainder of the school year. Be assured that the district will keep student and staff safety and security at the forefront of the project.

I wanted to share some details of the gymnasium construction so that our SES community can understand what to expect in the next few months. I will continue to share periodic updates throughout the construction period, as well.

As construction will be occurring while school is in session, the construction will occur in phases, in order to separate the construction activities and the school activities as best as possible. Construction activities will be segregated using temporary fencing for all phases. In addition, the contractor will provide a safety officer to escort any equipment moving outside of the fenced area during school hours. The contractors will be aware of, and avoid movement outside of, the fenced areas during high student traffic times to the extent it is possible.

The first phase of the construction will add storm drainage and asphalt between the existing asphalt and the physical fitness equipment along the fence. The additional asphalt will replace current playable surface where the gymnasium will ultimately sit. This change will better concentrate many of our recess-type activities and should allow for improved supervision of students in the long term. As the construction zone is within the floodway, the ability to add impervious surfaces is at times not possible. We are excited that the district was able to design the project in a way to replace playable surfaces. In conjunction with this phase, the raised play area next to the existing play structures (and next to the preschool classrooms) will also be removed and lowered. The majority of this work will occur after school hours or on the weekends. The district is planning for this phase to last for two weeks.

Once the new asphalt is laid, temporary fencing will be placed on the field, next to the portable where the existing fire hydrant will be moved and additional storm water drainage will be installed. This phase should also take about two weeks to complete.

The third phase of work will occur under the current covered play area, where drainage improvements will be made and the area will receive new asphalt. This phase is also anticipated to last for about two weeks.

Finally, there will be times when a few of the parking spots closest to the fire lane that leads behind the building will be closed off to allow for construction deliveries. By avoiding this restricted space, construction can be efficient, deliveries can be made quickly, and your vehicles will be protected from potential damage.

It is anticipated that these surface preparations will begin next week and will be completed by the end of November. As the principal, I will be in constant contact with the project construction team and will be working with the SES staff to make any necessary adjustments to adapt our recess supervision and procedures to ensure student safety.

The construction of the gymnasium is anticipated to begin sometime in December and last for most, if not all of the remainder of the school year. As I mentioned previously, I will provide periodic updates for our parents, students and staff as the construction progresses. We are very excited to have this facility added to our school! Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during the process.

John Norberg
Principal, Snoqualmie Elementary School