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Fundraiser to Honor Families of Fallen Heroes

Students at Chief Kanim Middle School, Twin Falls Middle School and Mount Si High School launched a Fallen Heroes Project fundraiser at their Veterans Day assemblies on November 9.


The Fallen Heroes Project was established Michael Reagan, who is a U.S. Marine, Vietnam War veteran and talented portrait artist.  Now retired and living in Edmonds, Washington, he devotes his life and talents to helping families cope with the loss of their loved ones who have died in service. Upon request, he hand draws a special portrait of a fallen soldier, free-of-charge for the family, based on a favorite photograph they send him.


Donations made to the Snoqualmie Valley schools will provide art supplies, postage and framing costs for the artist’s work. 


Fallen Heroes Fundraiser

Mount Si students Cole Bostwick, Grace Lis, and Adele Werner (not pictured) helped

coordinate ASB efforts for their weeklong Fallen Heroes Project campaign.

High school participants raised $1,300 for the cause, surpassing last year’s $500 contribution. 


Both middle schools will continue to run their campaigns through November 30. 


If parents or community members wish to donate, can make a check out to the school they are donating to —with subject line “Fallen Heroes.” Cash and coins are also welcome; the campaigns do not have a way to link to direct deposits online.  However, if preferred, people can also donate online directly to:


Chief Kanim Teacher Thomas Burford explained, “All money collected goes straight to the Project. Michael takes no money from this. We are providing the ‘postage stamp’ so that he doesn’t have to worry about anything other than drawing these portraits.” 


This is the sixth year that Snoqualmie Valley students have initiated a Fallen Heroes Project Fundraiser, raising approximately $18,300 to date.