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2018 AP Scholars from Mount Si High School


Congratulations to 126 Mount Si High School students who have earned 2018 Advanced Placement (AP) Scholar Awards in recognition of their exceptional achievement on multiple AP Exams they took last spring. The College Board’s national Advanced Placement Program® (AP) provides students with the opportunity to take rigorous college-level courses while still in high school.  Students with successful performance on AP Exams may earn college credit, qualify for advanced placement in college, and/or stand out in the college admissions process. 


Success on an AP Exam is defined as a score of 3 or higher (on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest possible score).  Research consistently shows that students who score a 3 or higher on AP Exams typically experience academic success in college and have a higher college graduation rate than students who do not participate in AP in high school. Results of the 2018 AP Exams taken last spring: 

  • Mount Si High School 2018 AP students with scores 3+    81.6%
  • Washington State 2018 AP students with scores 3+    63.2%
  • Global 2018 AP students with scores 3+    61.3% 

The College Board reported that in May of 2018 a total of 451 Mount Si High School students took a total of 698 AP Exams. 


The College Board recognizes several levels of AP Scholar achievement based on students’ high performance on multiple AP Exams.  We congratulate the following Mount Si High School students whose impressive performance last spring and fortitude on numerous AP Exams have earned AP Scholar recognition:


2018 AP Scholar awards were awarded to 41 Mount Si High School students this year, who earned scores of 3 or higher on THREE or more AP exams AP Scholars include:  Alexandria Bartley, Joshua Bennett, Nathan Brown, Anna Budkar, Jack Carter, Tatum Dalgleish, Datta Dave, Brydian Forrest, Isabella Gerlitz, Sarah Goodspeed, Elizabeth Hopkins, Kelly Husted, Dana Kenow, Cassandra Lane, Abigail Laufer, Chloe Lind, Elizabeth Lower, Patrick Mahoney, Murphy McDowell, Jack Murphy, Mary Neuburger, Briana Nolan, Emma Peterson, Sydney Prins, Hari Rathnam, Sebastian Rowland, Keara Ryan, William Scott, Sloane Shea, Rileigh Shelton, Lindsay Silverman, Caroline Smith, Sarah Spencer, Spencer Sprague, Elizabeth Ward, Joseph Waskom, Patrick White, Lauren Wilbourne, Tyler Wiley, Allison Winder and Quinten Wood.


2018 AP Scholar with Honor awards were granted to 31 students who earn an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken, AND scores of 3 or higher on FOUR or more of these exams MSHS students who earned this level of achievement include:  Emma Anderson, Eva Cappelmann, Alison Caswell, Matthew Chow, Delaney Edwards, Alison Fitzpatrick, Shyam Gandhi, Elijah Golpe, Sean Hakala, Caroline Hebert, Kaley Hedrick, Andrew Helfrich, Megan Hodgson, Rebecca Hong, Ryan Horn, Braeleyn Howatson, Alek Kelly, Gabrielle Krueger, Michael Lapio, Morgan Miller, Madelyn Odell, Benjamin Price, Domenic Rovito, Paxson Russell, Aayush Singh, Peter Smith, Amanda Sorenson, Chirag Vedullapalli, Erik Woodridge and Emi Yoshikawa.


2018 AP Scholar with Distinction awards recognize students who scored at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken, AND 3 or higher on FIVE or more of these exams. The 48 Mount Si students include:  Ezra Acon-Gershman, Jackson Baldwin, Aryan Banerjee, Tyler Bateman, Brandt Bearbow, Carson Bolt, Elizabeth Bourgault, Kian Carson, Liam Cole, Michael Collins, Chloe Cosgrove, Briana Dowling, Mallory Golic, Ruby Harlin, Jack Harris, Alexander Helfrich, Olivia Henning, Daniel Henriksen, Levente Homorodi, Andrew Johnson, Alicia Kern, Ruth Liebendorfer, Kaitlin Losansky, Maddox Malcolm, Nicholas Marzetti, Cameron McCarty, Eamon McDade, Francis Mcmanus, Claire Meyer, Lillian Nordby, Christian Paloma, Andy Pantoja Valerio, Devon Player, Dylan Riley, Stephan Rubalcava, Bray Russell, Julia Saimo, Nancy Stoita, Dawson Thomas, Erik Thurston, Jacob Tobias, Fleur Uittenbogaard, Quinn Van buren, Tyler Weir, Christina Williams, Samuel Wilson, Trinity Wilson and Nicholas Young.


2018 National AP Scholar awards are one of the highest distinctions in this program.  This is granted to students in the United States who received an average score of at least 4 on all AP exams taken, AND earned 4 or higher on EIGHT or more of these exams In 2018, five impressive scholars earned this highest honor from the College Board:  Kian Carson, Olivia Henning, Andrew Johnson, Andy Pantoja Valerio and Nicholas Young.


A 2018 AP International Diploma was also awarded to one Mount Si High School student:  Quinn Van Buren.This award recognizes students who receive scores of 3 or higher on FIVE or more AP exams in THREE or more subject areas.


This fall of 2018, student enrollment is currently filling 885 seats in AP classes at Mount Si High School.  As noted above, many students take multiple AP courses in the same year.   


Mount Si High School is currently offering 25 Advanced Placement college-level courses that cover a broad range of academic disciplines. AP courses offered at the school include:  AP Art History, AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles, AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP Environmental Science, AP European History, AP Government and Politics, AP Human Geography, AP Music Theory, AP Physics 1, AP Physics C-Mechanics, AP Psychology, AP Spanish, AP Statistics, AP Studio Art: 3-D Design, AP Studio Art: 2-D Design, AP U.S. History and AP World History.  In addition, Mount Si students have access to AP subjects through the school’s accredited Online Program which include: AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics.


For more information about the National College Board and its Advanced Placement Program visit: