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Food Services Present Healthy Tastes of Washington


On October 3, the district’s Food Service Department partnered with Carnation Farms to share radishes at Snoqualmie Valley elementary schools to celebrate a “Tastes of Washington” initiative.


Special thanks to Kaley Brammer from Carnation Farms who created an enticing exhibit and brought baskets of freshly-harvested radishes to show students during lunchtime. And, radishes were offered as a side dish option on the school lunch menu that day. While Brammer handed out radishes and answered students’ questions at Fall City Elementary, SVSD Food Services Director Pam Chambers did the same at Snoqualmie Elementary School.


“It was amazing how many students didn’t know what radishes were. It was also amazing how many students tried them…so many, in fact, that we ran out by the end of the meal,” explained Chambers. “We plan to offer them again in the future, in hopes that more students will try them.” 


Throughout the school year, the Food Services Department looks forward to featuring other kinds of local produce at other schools -- to help more students experience the healthy tastes of Washington.


Carnation Farms visits FCES


Taste of Washington Exhibit at SES