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Bus Routes Detoured Today Due to Hwy 202 Closure


The District has learned of an accident (involving a semi and SUV) on Highway 202 at Tolt Hill Road that has resulted in a road closure this afternoon, Wednesday, September 5.  Due to the road closure – of SR 202 between Duthie Hill Road and Tolt Hill Road – some of our bus routes serving the Fall City area are being re-routed to deliver students home today. 


The bus routes impacted include Routes 32, 33, 34 (all grade levels), as well as 69 (MS/HS only) and 62 (ES only).  Please note the following estimates:


For middle school and high school students:  The Transportation Department anticipates adding 20-30 minutes to these route delivery times, since buses must be rerouted through Carnation.  Please note that this is an estimate and traffic congestion will also be a factor.


For elementary students:  Since the elementary routes use the same buses as the MS/HS routes, delivery times will be longer.  Delays of at least 40 minutes are likely – and possible longer depending on traffic – since these routes must also go around through Carnation.  


Attention:  Students who live directly on the closed section of 202… will be taken to the nearest school to wait for a parent or guardian to pick them up -- since buses will not be allowed passage.  Middle school and high school students will be taken to Chief Kanim Middle School to await a ride from home.  Elementary students who live on the closed section of 202 will be kept safely at Fall City Elementary School until their parents pick them up.


This response is based on the latest information provided by King County.  For updates regarding King County road alerts, visit:  You can zoom in for a closer look at the map provided.


Also, for notifications when your child’s specific bus route may be delayed, sign up for the district’s Bus Bulletin service.


Thank you for your patience this afternoon.