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New Schoology Learning Management System Is Now Available


The Snoqualmie Valley School District has adopted a new online learning management system called Schoology (pronounced SCHOOL-ogy). Schoology provides teachers course management and calendar tools, mobile learning, and support for student and parent communication. Schoology also makes it easier for parents to stay involved with their students’ education.


Our district is in the process of transitioning to Schoology to provide a common platform that can be used consistently across all Snoqualmie Valley schools. Currently, teachers have the option to use Schoology. The goal is for all Snoqualmie Valley educators to fully adopt Schoology by fall of 2020. 


Teachers will notify their classes – students and parents – when they plan to begin using Schoology. Teachers will also provide families with the access code for their student’s unique account, as well as login instructions for using Schoology. (If a teacher has not provided the access code, he or she may not yet be using the system.)


Parents/guardians:  If your teacher is making the transition this year, once your teacher provides your student’s unique access code, click on  Schoology Parent Access to login and learn more about how to get started.


For additional questions, parents please contact Janice Wintermyer ( for assistance.

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