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Seeking AVID Tutors for College-Readiness Program


Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is an internationally-recognized, college-readiness program for eligible middle school and high school students. AVID is designed to accelerate the performance of students who function academically in the middle range and who have the potential and motivation to work hard to qualify to attend a four-year college.


Established four years ago as part of the Snoqualmie Valley School District commitment to helping all students prepare for college and careers, the AVID Program in our district has been getting rave reviews and impressive results for students in the program. Currently, this elective course is offered to students at Chief Kanim Middle School, Twin Falls Middle School and Mount Si High School.


Seeking AVID TUTORS:  One aspect of the AVID Program involves “near peer” mentors in the classroom, who can help provide perspective and preparation around the college experience. The district is currently seeking up to eight AVID Tutors to help in classrooms this school year. Students who are currently (or recently) enrolled in college, or Mount Si students in the Running Start program taking classes at Bellevue College, are eligible to apply. There are also opportunities for adult paraeducators to be AVID Tutors.  AVID Tutors are paid positions which require 2 to 8 hours per week in classrooms, working with students in grades 6-11. Paid training around AVID methodology is also included. This is a great opportunity for prospective teachers to build their resume and receive quality professional development.


Interested candidates please contact the district’s AVID Director Shawn Lawrence at or 425-831-4058, or AVID Coach Karen Deichman at or 425-831-4172.


Applications for AVID Tutors are due October 15


Here are some comments from former AVID Tutors:


“AVID tutors offer a different face/voice that students wouldn’t normally have in their life; we can be a good break from the teachers. We are more of a ‘peer’ who can speak from a student’s perspective…I’ve seen AVID have the potential to encourage, boost confidence and uplift a student to the level of academic success that they might have never been able to obtain on their own.”


“I feel AVID tutors do a great job supporting students both academically and socially.  During tutorials, I find that tutors can bring knowledge of certain subject areas that can help students reach a point of understanding on concepts they didn’t fully understand.  Socially, AVID tutors provide a mentor-type relationship with students by being role models.”


Click here to learn more about Snoqualmie Valley School District’s AVID Program.