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Collective Bargaining with Teachers and Secretaries


The Snoqualmie Valley School District is deeply committed to recruiting and retaining a high quality workforce – to provide all students with a great education that supports our community’s high expectations. To this end, the District is currently negotiating with two employee associations. The Snoqualmie Valley Education Association (SVEA), the teachers' union, is on a three-year contract that runs through August 31, 2019 – which includes a planned "re-opener" this year around competitive compensation. The District is working with the Snoqualmie Valley Administrative Secretaries Association (SVASA) as well to renew their contract that expires August 31, 2018.


Since bargaining began last spring, discussions have been positive and productive, and progress has been made with both groups. The primary focus of continued discussions is on compensation that will be competitive with neighboring districts, at a level the district will be able to maintain. Bargaining for the SVEA/SVSD Team has required complex work to create a completely new salary schedule required by legislative changes related to the McCleary Decision. More bargaining sessions are scheduled in the weeks ahead, as the teams work toward reaching agreement by the start of the school year.


We appreciate the time that everyone serving on the bargaining teams has devoted to these negotiations, and for their ongoing commitment to this collaborative process. 


To stay up-to-date on these negotiations, timely updates are posted on the district website. Visit the Collective Bargaining webpage for more information.