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MSHS Students Receive Senior Boy and Girl Awards


The article excerpted below, by reporter Madison Miller, appears in the June 27, 2018 issue of the Snoqualmie Valley Record. Click here for the online edition:


2018 Wildcat Award winners


Mt. Si seniors receive Senior Boy and Senior Girl Awards

Jake Ehrlick, Mallory Golic recognized for their contributions to Mt. Si High School.


By Madison Miller

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 8:30am


Each year Mount Si High School staff identify one outstanding senior boy and girl as the Wildcat Seniors of the Year. Students selected possess integrity, pride, leadership, good sportsmanship as well as embrace a personality that inspires others, school spirit, and service to their school.


Principal John Belcher awarded seniors Jake Ehrlick and Mallory Golic respectively at the senior awards night.


Ehrlick and Golic were surprised to receive the awards.


“I was so shocked. I actually didn’t think I would win anything so I left awards night midway through to go to my dance class—my friend called me and said I was winning a scholarship right as I was getting to my dance studio and said that I had to come back. I apologized to my dance teacher and then raced back to the school,” Golic said.


Ehrlick shared Golic’s surprise.


“I was so surprised. It’s an incredible class and group and it was pretty neat to be recognized,” he said.


As ASB President, Ehrlick led the school into one of its most successful years for food and blood drives, as well as events such as homecoming and the DUI mock crash.


“Jake fully embodies our P.R.I.D.E. ideals, is always eager to lend a helping hand, and is an excellent example of a positive role model. With his friendly personality and dedication to our school’s sense of community, Jake has been instrumental in helping maintain a warm and welcoming environment for all students,” Belcher said at the ceremony.


Ehrlick said he has always had a knack for leadership but had not considered running for any kind of leadership position until he was a junior. He ran unopposed and became ASB president his senior year.


“This year was really fun,” he said. “Our team accomplished a lot.”


Ehrlick said serving the student body was extremely rewarding for him. The DUI mock crash was one of his most rewarding experiences.

“It took a lot of planning but it was so amazing to have such great feedback from students,” he said. “It was so surreal to see how effective an event like that can have on students.”


Ehrlick is attending Washington State University and is planning on pursuing a degree in business.


Golic was also involved in ASB leadership, served on the School Board as a student representative and worked with students in the Life Skills program.


“Mallory is unfailingly kind to everyone she meets and is passionate about making a difference; her voice has been powerful in creating change on our campus and within the community,” Belcher said at the ceremony.


Golic said her experiences at Mt. Si allowed her to realize her calling to pursue a career in the public education system.


“The excellent peer tutor program at Mount Si guided me to follow a path specifically as a special education teacher and I could not be more excited to pursue this,” she said.


She is attending Gonzaga University to major in special education and then pursue a degree in education policy.


Ehrlick and Golic advise students to pursue their interests and maintain a healthy life balance.


“Doing the activities that make you happy are just as important as academics and it’s crucial not to forget time for those as well as time for friends, family and sleep,” Golic said.