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Law Enforcement Partners with Snoqualmie Valley Schools


This fall, local law enforcement reached out to Snoqualmie Valley schools to implement ”Adopt-a-School” programs that encourage friendly visits by officers to our schools to help forge relationships and have a regular presence on our campuses. In addition to the School Resource Officer at Mount Si High School, officers have been assigned to other schools to cultivate connections with our staff, students and families. 


In our school district, two law enforcement agencies protect our schools and communities.  The Snoqualmie Police Department works with schools within the city limits of Snoqualmie and North Bend, which include: TRES, CVES, MSHS (main and freshman campuses), SES, TRS, NBES and OES.  At the same time, the King County Sheriff’s Department works with the remaining Snoqualmie Valley schools located in unincorporated in King County: FCES, CKMS, and TFMS.


The Snoqualmie Valley School District is grateful for the service that both agencies provide and welcome this opportunity to partner with law enforcement to keep our learning communities safe. We encourage our families to greet officers they may see on our campuses – during the school day and at events – with a warm welcome.


Below are photos from Fall City Elementary School which enjoyed a very special visit from the King County Sheriff’s Department and Fall City Fire Department, during the school’s annual walk-a-thon. A canine unit ran laps with the students and played fetch. Wonder Woman (aka Principal Katelyn Long) was escorted onto the field in an aid car. Then, a helicopter swooped in and provided a rescue demonstration and landing, and allowed students to explore the chopper. Lastly, the fire fighters cooled off tired walkers at the conclusion of the walkathon with a massive spray from their truck.


Adopt a School Program 1


Adopt-a-School Program 2


Adopt-a-School Program 3


Adopt-a-School Program 4


Adopt-a-School Program 5


Adopt-a-School Program 6


Adopt-a-School Program 7


Adopt-a-School Program 8


Adopt-a-School Program 9


Adopt-a-School Program 10


Adopt-a-School Program 11


Fall City Fire Department 1


Fall City Fire Department 2


Adopt-a-School Program 11


Thanks to all the men and woman who protect our schools and communities!