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Snoqualmie Fire Dept. Provides Stop the Bleed Kits, Training


Thanks to generous donations from community groups to the Snoqualmie Fire Department, every classroom in Snoqualmie Valley schools is being equipped with “Stop the Bleed” kits as part of our school emergency supplies. And, staff throughout our school district have been receiving training this fall, as part of the district's efforts to be prepared for a variety of emergencies.


Stop the Bleed training is a national initiative that teaches non-medical personnel how to stop uncontrolled bleeding and potentially save a life. The Snoqualmie Fire Department has been partnering with our school nurses, and the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital, to deliver this training to staff. Public access bleeding control kits have also been installed in every school and individual kits are being placed in every classroom.


According to Snoqualmie Fire Department Lt. Jake Fouts, who is coordinating this effort, Snoqualmie Valley School District is the first school district in Washington State to train staff in all schools and equip all classrooms. 


Pictured below, Mount Si High School staff received training from Lt. Fouts and school nurse Margie Blackmon on November 6. Among other things, staff learned how to apply a tourniquet and pack a wound.


“As part of the district’s commitment to school safety, we recognize the importance of making sure staff are trained, and equipped for a variety of emergencies,” explained Superintendent Rob Manahan. “While we are grateful for the donations that have made this effort possible, we also hope this is training that we will never need to use in a real emergency.”


To date, staff training has also occurred at seven other SVSD schools, with the remaining instruction to be scheduled soon. Prior to the start of the school year, all school staff also received Active Threat training.


Again, special thanks to our supportive community members whose donations helped purchase Stop the Bleed kits for the schools, and to the Snoqualmie Fire Department for their partnership in training and protecting our students and staff.   


 MSHS staff receive Stop the Bleed training 1


MSHS staff receive Stop the Bleed training 2


MSHS staff receive Stop the Bleed training 3


MSHS staff receive Stop the Bleed training 4


MSHS staff receive Stop the Bleed training 5


MSHS staff receive Stop the Bleed training 6


MSHS staff receive Stop the Bleed training 7