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Open Enrollment Period is January 15 – February 15


Open Enrollment is the time each year when families who live in the Snoqualmie Valley School District may request to attend another school in the district, other than their assigned neighborhood school. The Open Enrollment period is January 15 - February 15, 2019. Requests for in-district transfers received during this period will be considered for the upcoming 2019-20 school year. All applications are due by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 15. 


Visit the Open Enrollment webpage on the district website to access the application form and learn more about the placement process and status of space considerations for specific schools next year. Families must apply each year if they are interested in open enrollment for their student. Families seeking in-district transfers for more than one student need to submit a separate application for each student. 


NOTE:  No action is needed for current students who plan to attend school next year, based on the district attendance boundaries. SVSD students are automatically enrolled in schools according to the district’s attendance boundaries, each summer.  To verify what SVSD school your student is assigned to attend, based on your home address and current attendance boundaries, use the E-Link tool.  


Middle school attendance boundaries will change next fall when Snoqualmie Middle School re-opens and students in grades 6-8 will be served by three schools instead of two. When the district redefined elementary attendance boundaries in November of 2015, in anticipation of opening Timber Ridge Elementary in 2016, future middle school boundaries were considered at the same time. A clear feeder-school pattern was established, with two elementary schools (out of six) “feeding” into each of the three SVSD middle schools. The new middle school boundaries for 2019-20 are: 

  • OES and NBES students will attend Twin Falls Middle School;
  • SES and CVES students will attend Snoqualmie Middle School;
  • TRES and FCES students attending Chief Kanim Middle School.

To preview the revised middle school attendance map that will go into effect starting the fall of 2019, refer to the District Attendance Maps webpage. (Additional details about the upcoming middle school transition were shared in this update: Planning for the Re-Opening of Snoqualmie Middle School.) 


For other transfer scenarios, such as students who reside OUTSIDE of the district who want to attend a Snoqualmie Valley school, a different process is used called a Choice Transfer.  A Choice Transfer (or out-of-district) request form is required when applying to attend a school in a different school district. Visit the Choice Transfer webpage on the district website to access the application form and learn more about the placement process, as well as space consideration for specific schools next year.


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