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Demolition of MSHS Auxiliary Gym & Weight Room


During Mid-Winter Break, February 18-22, planned demolition begins for Mount Si High School’s third auxiliary gymnasium and weight room (the areas closest to the stadium). The demolition will provide access to necessary sewer, plumbing and electrical infrastructure required for the new high school.


See the site map below for revisions to the staff parking lot needed to create a construction staging area. This area will be fenced off to ensure student, staff and public safety.     


Diagonal lines show areas of planned demolition in Feb. 2019 Aerial view of 3rd gym and wrestling room in old MSHS

 The diagonal lines show areas (3rd auxiliary gym and weight room) where planned demolition will take place after Feb. 15.


Access to the stadium area for students and the public will be rerouted along Schusman Avenue to an access gate at the track. Demolition of other areas of Mount Si High School will take place this summer.


Below are photos of the demolition efforts, as of February 19:


First demolition photos of MSHS Auxiliary Gym (1)


MSHS Aux Gym demolition 2


MSHS Aux Gym demo 3