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Help Define Snoqualmie Valley's Portrait of a Graduate


Have you ever wondered what the world will be like for our children, and their children, in the not-so-distant future? What new technologies will evolve that will change the way people live, work and connect, as so many developments have influenced our world in recent years? With this mind, we hope you will join a conversation regarding what skills and attributes we need to help students gain now, to help ensure they are prepared to be effective contributors to their changing world after graduation.


The Strategic Plan has been an essential tool for establishing district priorities on an annual basis and focusing efforts for improving Snoqualmie Valley schools. In recent years, we’ve seen how prioritizing our planning, efforts and resources has worked to improve SVSD schools, classrooms and programs, yielding positive gains in student achievement and staff effectiveness.


Looking ahead, Superintendent Rob Manahan is working to build upon that momentum with a process aimed at clearly defining the outcomes we want for every graduate from Snoqualmie Valley schools. Through a “Portrait of a Graduate” process, we hope to engage all stakeholders in the community in an important conversation around what skills, attributes and competencies we want every SVSD graduate to have – so they can fully realize their potential in our changing world, and successfully pursue their post-high school aspirations. 


We believe that reaching consensus around this vision, and being able to clearly articulate student success in SVSD, will help our learning community unite around “WHY” our work to ensure students receive a well-rounded, quality education matters so much.  We hope you will join this process of defining Snoqualmie Valley’s Portrait of a Graduate which will help guide the next Strategic Plan and our school system for years to come.


The first step in the process is to gather input from stakeholders throughout the Snoqualmie Valley. The voice of our students, staff, parents, and community patrons will help the district define its goals for ensuring every student leaves our care equipped with skills they need to succeed into the future.


Two Opportunities for Community Engagement:


I.  Portrait of a Graduate Thoughtexchange – March 7-18

First, a Thoughtexchange online engagement activity launched on March 7 and run through March 18. An email link has been sent to parents and guardians of enrolled students, all SVSD staff, and all high school students, inviting them to participate in this online activity. Watch for an email message from with the subject line: “Snoqualmie Valley Portrait of a Graduate: Add your voice!” for your personal invitation to participate.


Community members are also invited to participate in this Thoughtexchange. To access the online tool, simply click on the “Share Your Thoughts” button (below) or access on the same button on the district website homepage (


Thoughtexchange Share button


Participants will be asked an open-ended question: Given the global trends of the future, what are the most important attributes, characteristics or skills Snoqualmie Valley students need to be successful after graduation?  (Please share one attribute/skill per thought.) In addition to adding your original thoughts, you will have the opportunity to review and “star” the thoughts of other participants with whom you agree.  In the course of the 12 days that this Thoughtexchange will be active, we encourage you to return and continue to help prioritize/star new ideas that are being added.


At the end, the tool will help us identify the attributes that emerge as most valued in our learning community. (For reference to past SVSD Thoughtexchange results, click here.)


II.  Portrait of a Graduate Community Event – Saturday, March 23

The second opportunity for input is a Portrait of a Graduate Community Meeting on Saturday, March 23, from 8 a.m. to 11: 30 a.m., at the Mount Si High School Freshman Campus. During this event, Superintendent Manahan looks forward to meeting and working with a broad group of parents, community members, business leaders, staff, neighbors and high school students. He will share a vision for education in the future, offer an analysis of the Thoughtexchange results, and lead a process that involves small group discussions – to further develop Snoqualmie Valley’s Portrait of a Graduate.  If you would like to join this meeting, please RSVP by March 18 to:  Space is limited; a group of about 100 participants is desired. Breakfast will be provided by the Mount Si High School Culinary Arts program.


 Portrait of a Graduation Community Event invitation


We hope you will participate in one or both of these Portrait of a Graduate opportunities. Thank you in advance for your time, thoughtful input, and interest in the future of Snoqualmie Valley students.