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2019 Battle of the Books District Champions


Congratulations to Snoqualmie Elementary School, whose “Mysterious Mind-reading Martians” team won the 2019 Battle of the Books District Championship. All six Snoqualmie Valley elementary schools participated in the exciting Battle of the Books annual reading competition that culminated at Cascade View Elementary School on April 26.


The winning SES reading team

Snoqualmie Elementary’s Mysterious Mind-reading Martians included (left-to-right):  

Aamena Khaki, Vedanshi Rahul, SES Librarian Mrs. McEldowney, Humairah Kazi (captain), Maya Shekhar and Arnav Kondura.


Battle of the Books is an annual tradition in the Snoqualmie Valley School District which inspires hundreds of students in grades 3-5 to read. Participants read a selection of 12 books that the elementary librarians collectively choose and announce the previous summer. Students form teams of five, and compete at their school each spring, by answering questions about details in the stories – similar to a team Jeopardy competition. Through several elimination rounds, one team emerges as their School Champion.  The top team from each elementary school (shown in the photos) advances to the District Championship where they represent their school and match their skills against other top contenders. Through an exciting round of 40 questions -- which involves intense concentration, literary comprehension and team collaboration -- the highest scoring team earns the coveted trophy and bragging rights as District Champs.


Congratulations to all of this year’s participants for their hours of reading and good sportsmanship. Below are the top teams from the other five schools, presented alphabetically by school:



Cascade View Elementary’s team was named the Reading Rangers.

Listed alphabetically, the team includes: Kiera Gibson (substituting for Adele Krohn),

Claire Mitchell, Emily Mitchell, Leif Peterson and Sebastien Peterson.


FCES team

Fall City Elementary’s team, the Wheelie Waffles, included (alphabetically):

Garrett Becker, Joanna Bond, Sophia Eck, Pierce Hamilton and Cathal Metter.


 NBRE team

North Bend Elementary’s was represented by The People. The team included (alphabetically):  

Tess Buchthal, Sierra Bunnell, Paige Howard, Selena Huante and John Koetje.


OES team

Opstad Elementary’s team, named Comprehension Cobras, included (alphabetically):  

Brynn Apken, Madelyn Bailey (captain), Cassidy Church, Willow Payne and Olivia Shogren.


TRES team

From Timber Ridge Elementary, The Battling Bookworms team included (alphabetically):  

 Lauren Blad, Ramola Kaluskar, Rida Kashif, Ben Taylor and Ian Taylor.


Watch for the 2020 book list, which all the school librarians will select and publish by the end of the school year.  Students can start preparing for next year’s event while enjoying summertime reading!